How to change the operator?

At present, according to the legislation of Russia, for all subscribers of mobile communication, a free change of operator is provided. On average, for individuals this process takes a little more than a week, and legal entities will have to wait at least a month before the final completion of the procedure. However, these deadlines do not guarantee that the company will not delay the transition process.

The process of changing the operator in detail

Since last year, the service involves maintaining the subscriber number. To do this, you need to contact the office of the company to which you want to go, and write the appropriate application. After a certain period of time, you will be given a new SIM card, and the number will remain the same.

The cost of the transition service is approximately one hundred rubles. When the procedure is completed, you will be informed by a special message. It should be noted that only those subscribers who do not have debts on their personal account can use this service. Otherwise, you must first pay off the debt to the previous operator.

General information about the transition from different operators

The procedure for changing the operator is carried out according to a single template. First you need to check the relevance of your passport data and pay off the debt to the old operator (if it exists). Next, with proof of your identity, you contact the office of a new mobile company and write an application.

The operator gives you a new SIM card and assigns a transition date. You will also need to sign a cooperation agreement.

When it is time to activate the new SIM card, the old one will automatically stop functioning and you will need to remove it from your phone. It is important to know that the first few hours after connecting a new SIM card there may be a restriction on communication, so please be patient.

To learn about the transition rules, you can contact the employees of the selected company, or read all the necessary information on the official website. Some of them provide electronic filing of the application for changing the operator.

The operators themselves warn that, despite the existence of a regulatory framework and conducting test transitions, there may be some difficulties when changing from one operator to another.All difficulties boil down to the fact that correct testing at the international level has not been carried out, and the presence of regional mobile operators significantly complicates the transition process.

Large companies are already fully prepared for the transition, but can only provide guarantees of quality service if the change takes place between two large companies. Also, mobile companies do not recommend changing the operator during major holidays, as this usually entails a significant network overload, negatively affects the quality of the services provided and may result in delays in the transition.

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