How to charge a payment in 2018

Please note that when calculating the rent, the total area of ​​the room for which you pay monthly is taken into account. The number of residents (residents) in this area, as well as the number of beneficiaries. Utilities are represented by hot and cold water supply, water disposal, gas and electricity.
All these concepts you can see in your receipts. In general, there are about hundreds of different parameters that can affect the amount of the bill, for example, the availability of rights to subsidies and compensation. When calculating the monthly payment, be sure to consider all services provided by the management company for this period. Check the charges using a calculator.
You should know: charges for rent and utilitypaymentsfor each personal account are made individually based on its unique data. Charges can be made both on the basis of meter readings, and according to the developed standards.If you could not timely report the meter readings, then the payments will be charged in accordance with the existing rates.
Submit the required meter readings to the management company, and you will definitely be recalculated. If you really want to save money, install hot and cold water meters and feel the difference. For those who often leave or who have many relatives (and not relatives too), and in fact far less people live, the difference in pay will be significant.
Keep in mind that currently more and more TSZH and HBC acquire special programs that allow you to automatically recalculate the chargespaymentson the requested personal account, for example, taking into account the shortage of services. Or in connection with the provision of a certificate of the absence of owners (tenants) of residential premises. It is interesting to know that the accrualpaymentslimited to 25 types of services. This is due to the fact that so many items can be placed on a standard payment form.
If you have an overdue currentpayments, ask how well accrued interest.As for the payment of penalties for late payments, it is quite legitimate if you have violated the terms of payment. In order to prevent debts from accumulating like a snowball, one should proceed as follows.
It is necessary to submit a written application requesting a payment, which will look at the procedure for charging debts and penalties. In the event of an unreasonable refusal to provide the requested information, you have the right to file a complaint with the Federal Service or the Prosecutor's Office.
When filing a complaint, refer to clause 49 of the standard approved by the Government of the Russian Federation No. 307 dated May 23, 2006, according to which the contractor (HOA or HBC) is obliged, upon your request, to verify the payment for utilities provided and no later than 3 working days issue the relevant documents. They must be provided with information confirming the correctness of the calculation of utilitypaymentsand penalties.

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