How to cheer up and start to enjoy life again?

In life, every person, even the most positive and cheerful person, can have a moment when the mood drops to zero, does not please or cause desire, but rather annoys or, on the contrary, causes complete detachment from the world. Sometimes a person cannot cope with his thoughts on his own, and it doesn't matter if something is disturbing him or he just attacked the blues, you still need to save a person!

In order to cheer up oneself or someone, it is not at all necessary to be a practical psychologist, to have special knowledge and skills, desire is very important and, of course, you can use some practical advice.

When a person begins to think about how to cheer himself up, he most often closes himself in his sad thoughts and laments his fate. That is wrong!

It is necessary not to dwell on your bad mood and, feeling that it is beginning to absorb you, to strive to fight this state, even through "I do not want."In our article we tried to collect the most common and effective methods of raising the moral state, using which you will precisely raise the degree of your mood.

Surely, many people have long known that good mood is good for health, positive and cheerful people are healthier and more active than their depressive counterparts. What good is good mood, you ask? Yes, if only by the fact that a person with a positive attitude will be able to cope with the task much faster and with higher quality, his working capacity increases and his thought process improves.

And this is not to mention the fact that, if we turn to science, the level of cortisol in the blood of people in a good mood is much lower, even despite side factors like old age, bad habits and weight.

What is cortisol? This is the so-called "stress hormone", which can cause high blood pressure, contribute to obesity and reduce immunity. I do not like? That's it, that's why we smile, gentlemen.

Ways to cheer up

  1. "We start with a smile." It has long been confirmed that the human body affects the brain and vice versa.Therefore, if in the morning you sincerely smile at yourself in the mirror, whether it is in a bad or good mood, the body will give a signal to produce positive hormones, which will play a good role all day, a person will be tuned to an active mood from the very beginning. But do not forget that a backlash can occur if you constantly frown in front of the mirror.
  2. "The forbidden fruit is always sweet." It often happens that this applies more to women, that a person restricts himself in some products, most often it is sweet or junk food, like fried potatoes or fatty meat. As they say, once in a long time, you can. Eat a chocolate bar, drink a cup of your favorite coffee or tea, enjoy a cake or a piece of cake. Also, it would not be superfluous to eat foods that contain “happiness hormone”, for example, strawberries, pineapples, bananas. Not only are they tasty, they are also very healthy.
  3. "Help a friend." A person is essentially a social entity, it is a need, one might say, innate, it is transmitted at the genetic level, so if you do not satisfy the need for communication, then a general psychological disorder, breakdown and deterioration of physical condition can occur.By the way, men can start losing hair, and women lose their sexual desire. In general, to prevent this, just call or meet with a person with whom you are comfortable and pleasant, you can chat "about this and that, and about anything." Such easy communication, which is accompanied by discussion of news and gossip, will be able to distract you from the "heavy" and "important" thoughts that are oppressing your moral state.
  4. The Goddess of Shopping. Often the question arises how to cheer up a girl, because they are often so thin and vulnerable, they need support. Almost every woman begins to rejoice, like a child, on hikes through bright and beautiful shops, and if you also manage to buy something new, no matter what, the main thing is to like it, then you can assume that the plan for raising your spirits was a success. In general, a hike in shopping centers, boutiques and shops is a special ritual in places from which breathes pleasure and beauty, it is not necessary to even buy something, just walk, try on something and look after yourself for the future - this is already a pleasant procedure.
  5. "Sport". Yes, and do not be surprised, exercise perfectly tonifies not only the body, but also the soul.Choose an activity you like, you should like it and then you will go there with pleasure, who knows what this fleeting passion can grow into. Yoga, Pilates, dancing, gym, strip-plastic or swimming, choose what always attracted you and then, without a doubt, your attention will be transferred from emotional experiences to a vigorous and vibrant world around you.
  6. "Hobby". Do not worry too long over what to do to improve the mood of yourself or your friend, because the answer is very close. Each person has a certain list of things that he likes to do, life interests, which, unfortunately, many simply do not have enough time. Highlight certain hours when you know for sure that you can practice your hobby. Everyone has his own, someone reads books, someone is not averse to review the next series, and someone plays the guitar or draws pictures, it does not matter, it is important to find time in such a fleeting life.
  7. "Music". If you are overwhelmed with depressive and intense thoughts, then put your favorite musical composition, it is desirable that it be rhythmic and active, you can even sing along and beat the rhythm,it will help you to relax and forget, and another one will follow the first melody, and you will not notice how your sad mood confidently crept upwards. Psychologists recommend listening to classical music to improve the mood: works by Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven and other musical authors.
  8. "We are working!". If your bad mood has a rationale, a specific reason, then it is necessary, as soon as possible, to try to solve it. No matter how difficult it is, you can’t wait for a miracle, everyone knows perfectly well that there is a way out of any current situation, it may just be necessary to seek help from family and friends, think carefully, and what you can do on your own to solve this problem. When you start to act, you can regain confidence in your abilities, and this will definitely lift your spirits.
  9. "A change of scenery". Another effective way that can cheer up a sad person. Make yourself a trip, at least a small one, for example, on a weekend. Immerse yourself in those places where you have not yet been, look at the "new world", take pictures and chat with the locals.And for this it is not necessary to go to the end of the world, it is enough to visit a neighboring city or village.

Enjoy life and try to find positive points in everything!

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