How to choose a comfortable and beautiful turtleneck


Important Tips

  • It is best to buy several variants of turtlenecks at once, and definitely white and black models. First put on in the office, for study, morning and afternoon walks on the street, visit the cozy cafes in a white turtleneck. For evening time, the black version is more suitable, successfully emphasizing the smooth curves of the body and visually making the figure slimmer. Looks stylish black model with a leather jacket or waistcoat and skinny jeans.
  • Pay attention to the collar of the vending item. It is desirable that there is no seam on it, but if it is still there, then make sure that the fabric of the collar is soft. Otherwise, coarse threads will scratch the neck, causing irritation to the skin. So try on a turtleneck before buying. Walk in it in the trading hall, twist in front of the mirror, wave your hands. If it is convenient for you and nothing constrains movements, then in the future wearing a turtleneck will not cause inconvenience, but will only bring pleasure.
  • Prefer options from thin fabrics, pleasant to the body. Suppose there are no cuffs on the sleeves, then, if you wish, you can lift them up to the level of the elbow, which looks stylish and modern. If you intend to wear a turtleneck under a jacket or jacket, then it is wise to choose a model without sleeves.

Pay attention to the quality of each item you like. The seams on the outer and inner sides of the product must be strong and even, the sleeves must be symmetrical to each other. Of course, do not forget about intuition, it will help to make the final and right decision. And then your wardrobe will be replenished with new cute things.

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