How to choose a good oven

A good housewife who constantly cooks and devotes a lot of time to cooking cannot do without a high-quality oven - the main kitchen attribute. Therefore, the question of how to choose a good gas and electric oven is always relevant.

The oven is a magic locker that helps to embody culinary ideas. With it, any housewife will prepare a tasty, healthy and vitamin dish. True, choosing a good product is not easy due to the huge range of models and prices.

Modern household appliances are characterized by high quality. Therefore, during the selection guide design, color, controls, additional features and the warranty period.

Models. The market offers autonomous and dependent models. A conventional oven is equipped with an on / off button only. At the top of the dependent models is a hob with controls. Ovens are divided into electric or gas.People who are trying to save, it is better to pay attention to the gas option. If the first place is the quality of the dishes, preference is given to the electric model.

Depth and width. The depth of the oven is the same. They differ only in width. The most functional devices, the width of which is 65 cm and more.

Additional functions. Cleaning system, grill, digital timer or door that does not heat up. Additional features simplify cooking, but increase the cost.

If you are going to buy a frying cabinet, keep reading the article on how to choose a good oven.

Choosing the right gas oven

Flame of a gas oven

Do you want to buy an oven? Pay attention to the gas model. The choice of such a kitchen appliance is not an easy and responsible task. The oven is a serious household appliances, the purchase of which is accompanied by considerable expenses. At the same time, the quality of the dishes that are cooked in it depends on the functionality, convenience and reliability.

Modern gas oven - a multifunctional device, characterized by a complex structure. The right choice determines the level of pleasure when using the equipment.I will share step by step instructions for choosing a kitchen product.

  • Dimensions. For a large kitchen, any oven will do. If there is no extra space, you should not panic. Manufacturers offer compact models.
  • Control type. Almost all models are equipped with mechanical control, represented by handles and buttons. If you like a touch panel, such equipment is also sold.
  • Additional functions. The assortment is wide: grill, automatic arson, convection, heating programs. If you constantly cook, additional functions will simplify cooking.
  • Gas control. Gas is a potentially hazardous substance for health. Take care of safety. It is about the gas control function. The cold door, which will prevent burns of animals and children, will not hurt either.
  • . After determining the criteria, choose the type of gas oven - built-in or independent. The first option effectively uses the kitchen space and increases the attractiveness of kitchen design. The free-standing oven offers ample opportunities for experimenting with space.

Now you imagine how to choose a good gas oven and what to look for. In my opinion, there are enough functions: a cold door, a timer, a grill and convection.If the budget is unlimited, buy a more expensive model.

How to choose an electric oven

Electric Oven Switch

Electric ovens are rapidly gaining popularity, because they are modern, beautiful and functional. They are characterized by a high level of security and help prepare delicious meals.

If you buy a new electric oven, read the material. This will help to get acquainted with the technical parameters of technology and make the right choice based on the capabilities and needs.

  1. Width. When choosing an electric oven, follow the width. Most often, the indicator is 60 centimeters, although there are wider and narrower models on the market. The height and depth parameters are the same.
  2. Functions. Even a small set of functions, including a timer and a temperature controller, is sufficient. Additional options speed up cooking, making it more diverse. We are talking about spits, combined modes and convector.
  3. Thermal probe. The most useful feature is the probe, a sensor that measures the temperature inside the product. If you want to cook the lamb in the oven, the device will help to check the readiness of the meat and protect your hands from burns.
  4. Control. Most often, electric ovens are equipped with electronic or electromechanical controls. The first option offers advanced programming capabilities. The second is characterized by simplicity and reliability. Regardless of the type of control on the oven, you will find a small display with which you can track the cooking.
  5. Cleaning. An important factor along with the design, the type of management or the number of modes. Cheap models do not boast advanced technology. Therefore, sponges and detergents are used to clean the inside. Progressive technology is completed with a catalytic or pyrolytic system. The first system decomposes the pollution into water and carbon, the second one burns. To clean the oven you will need one napkin or sponge.
  6. Security. Electric oven - a warehouse of security systems and protective functions. These include blocking modes, laminated glass, forced air circulation, automatic de-energization of the device and others.
  7. Options. Do not overlook other options, including a sound warning system, diagonal skewers, telescopic rails, glass docks, trays, baking molds and other accessories.
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Now you know how to choose an electric oven. If cooking delicacies is a hobby, the purchase of a high-quality electric cabinet oven will make the hobby interesting and exciting.

I like to stand at the stove. This activity brings a good time. I am happy when my culinary masterpieces find sincere praise among loved ones.

Tips for choosing a built-in oven

It is difficult to find a cook who does without an oven. If at his disposal various devices with a huge number of functions, they will not replace a good oven, and this is a fact.

On the basis of what has been said, it is possible to draw simple conclusions that the oven should be present in every kitchen, and the question of how to choose an embedded oven is very relevant.

  • Heating type. First determine the type of heating - electric or gas. Almost all electric ovens are characterized by ease of use and a decent set of features. At the same time, their use is accompanied by high energy consumption and requires powerful wiring. If you buy a gas model, you will have to purchase and install a strong hood.Otherwise, the cooking room will be filled with odors and harmful gases during cooking.
  • Width. As I have already said, the width of the classic oven is sixty centimeters, but the figure may vary. The main thing is that the equipment fit into the interior of the room and does not take up much space. The location should eliminate the need for bending and squatting while cooking.
  • Functions. Before choosing a built-in oven, consider what options and features you will need. Having determined the optimal set, you can save money and do not overpay for useless options. The list of popular additions to the built-in oven includes: a timer, convection, a filter that absorbs odors and fats, a grill, a cold door, a thermal probe.
  • Cleaning system. Pay special attention to the cleaning system, which is divided into catalytic and pyrolytic. Catalytic cleaning is represented by special enamel, which is covered with an oven from the inside. It splits fats well, so when cleaning it is enough to wipe with a napkin. Over time, the enamel loses its properties. As a result, you will have to use traditional methods for washing.Pyrolytic cleaning involves the thermal treatment of contaminants.

I shared my own point of view on the choice of embedded technology. You can listen to the recommendations or ignore. I hope that the material will help in the acquisition of high-quality and reliable built-in oven, in which you cook pikeperch and many other delicious dishes.

How to clean the oven from fat and scale

Surely your family members like ruddy pies, meat casserole, or oven-cooked goose. When it comes to washing appliances, households quickly retreat, placing this difficult task on the chef's shoulders. I will share quick and effective ways to clean the oven from soot and grease.

To cope with the task at home with water and a sponge will not work. An effective cleaning agent is required. Hardware stores offer a huge range of cleaning products. In most cases, inexpensive tools do not help fix the problem.

I recommend using products of famous brands, including Amway, Frosch and others.They easily cope with all types of pollution. It is enough to treat the surface with a tool, wait a few hours and remove dirt with a sponge.

Proven folk remedies

If there are no such funds, folk remedies will do. For cleaning, use soap, vinegar, baking soda, and even ammonia.

  1. Soap steam. Add a little detergent to the hot water, pour the mixture into a baking sheet and send to the oven. Close the door, turn on the device and set the temperature to 120 degrees. After half an hour, turn it off, and after cooling, wipe the walls with a damp cloth.
  2. Ammonia. Damp a clean cloth in ammonia and wipe the oven from the inside. Close the door and leave the equipment alone until the next day. In the morning, dissolve some detergent in hot water and wipe the oven with a damp cloth.
  3. Soap, soda and vinegar. Put a bar of laundry soap through a grater in a large bowl and pour a pop, consisting of soda, vinegar and warm water. When the soap is dissolved, cover the oven walls with the mixture. After a few hours, remove the mixture with dirt with a cloth.

On this I have everything.Now you know how to choose a good oven, how to properly wash the appliance with the help of purchased and popular remedies.

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