How to choose a moisturizer for the body

If you have dry skin, it is better to moisturize it twice a day, morning and evening. For the morning fit light, quickly absorbed emulsions - they do not require rubbing. A few minutes after application, you can dress. At bedtime, apply a more nutritious product based on natural oils of shea, olive, soy, macadamia, and argan. This cream or lotion is better to apply after a warm shower or bath, carefully rubbing into the skin.
Moisturizing and nourishing products with emollients, allantoin and glycerin are suitable for sensitive and overdried skin. They retain moisture, treat minor damage and create a protective lipid film on the body. For very dry skin, urea creams are needed - usually they are applied to coarse areas of the body. Such funds are better to apply courses, alternating them with lighter creams.
Normal and oily skin suitable moisturizing gels.These products do not contain oils, are quickly absorbed and maintain water balance. Choose products with natural plant extracts and vitamins. Thermal water gels work very well. In addition to caring gels, on sale you can find options with sparkles - they can be used for evening events.
Fading skin is shown creams with plant peptides and coenzymes, which will return the lost tone, slightly tightened the contours of the body and make it elastic. Choose nutritional formulas in the form of a cream and rub in it carefully, combining the procedure with a blood-stimulating massage.
Today, liquid spray moisturizers are very popular. They are easy to apply, quickly absorbed, do not leave a sticky film on the skin. Choose moisturizing sprays based on thermal water, enriched with extracts from fruits, flower hydrolates and essential oils. Please note that all such products contain alcohol, so if your skin is sensitive to it, try another moisturizer.
When buying a moisturizer for the day, pay attention to the presence of sun protection factor. For a city, 15 SPF is enough, for trips to nature and to the beach, you need a screen of at least 30 SPF.In the summer, cooling humidifiers will also be useful - they can be used both after sunbathing and independently. Such funds are usually available in the form of liquid emulsions, they contain algae extracts, mineral water, extracts of calming plants - mint, chamomile, ginger.
If you want to not only moisturize the skin, but also give it a beautiful shade of tan, choose a milk with a toning effect. On sale you can find options for dark and light-skinned. This tool is applied as an ordinary body cream, the shade is very delicate and delicate. To maintain a beautiful skin color, it is enough to use milk every other day.

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