How to choose a quality rain umbrella?

The umbrella is a unique and irreplaceable attribute of its kind, which can become not only protection from inclement weather, but also an excellent accessory that can skillfully complement any image.

Modern manufacturers of umbrellas do not suffer from a lack of imagination and taste, the variety of these gizmos tirelessly pleases the consumer, and the huge amount of colors and materials used to make umbrellas can easily add harmony to your appearance.

All this, of course, is good, however, surely, everyone had a situation when, due to a strong gust of wind, at the most inopportune moment, a good half of the spokes broke, but the umbrella was purchased only yesterday! Or, over time, the fabric begins to wipe and burn out, and the pen, every now and then, strives to fall off the umbrella rod.

In order to prevent this from happening, before you go to the store for a novelty, you need to study some recommendations on how to choose a quality umbrella. After you learn the basic requirements and characteristics of umbrellas,You can easily distinguish the original from a fake, protecting yourself from breaking the umbrella for several years ahead.

What are the?

  • Umbrella in the form of a cane. This type is recognized as one of the most durable and, of course, only they can boast of their elegance even when folded. When opened, the cane has a large and rounded dome, thanks to which it is able to protect well from rain and wind. But there is also a minus - you will not put it in your bag, you have to constantly carry it in your hands. This leads to the fact that the umbrella-cane is often forgotten in cafes and other public places, which is quite a regrettable phenomenon, especially if the umbrella is quite expensive.
  • Folding options. Such models are notable for their practicality, they can be easily rolled up to very small sizes, and then put into a bag, which allows hands to remain free. These umbrellas are with two, three or even four addition, however, the latter is an obvious search. After all, the more often it is added, the sooner the entire mechanics of the umbrella goes out of order, which leads to its rapid breakage.

As for the mechanics of the umbrella itself, there are some important differences here that may affect your usability.That is why, it is so important, before buying an umbrella, to check on yourself how you feel about a specific model.

  • Mechanical. Such a model should be opened and closed manually, it is believed that such umbrellas are more durable than their automatic “brothers”.
  • Semi-automatic. Holding down the button, you must open the dome yourself.
  • Auto. Such umbrellas are favorites of the majority of the population, because everything is easy here - he pressed the button and the umbrella opened itself, though you still have to close it yourself.
  • Double automatic. Here everything is simple: after the first push, the umbrella opens, and the next one closes. Everything is convenient, however, when choosing such an umbrella, it is necessary to pay special attention to the quality of its mechanics.


In order to choose a high-quality model of an umbrella, it is necessary to understand the materials and mechanisms that make up an integral model, as well as be able to test them.

Dome material

It is important to know what the umbrella dome consists of, because the good quality of the material can protect you from premature rubs, as well as gaps and other unpleasant oddities.

Nylon.Most often it is from it that most of the umbrellas are created that you can see on sale. It is distinguished by its good strength, it feels rough and tough to the touch, but it can last for years, as it is a wear-resistant material.

Polyester.It can be said that such a look belongs to expensive and elegant options, polyester can outwardly resemble soft satin or silk. Sometimes manufacturers add cotton to polyester, it is not difficult to recognize such an umbrella, you just need to look at the light where the weaving of the fabric should be visible. Such umbrellas are reliable and elegant, however, less wear-resistant, compared to nylon.

Pongee.The dome of the umbrella of some Japanese firms exclusively use this material, which in itself resembles a raincoat; thanks to its properties, the water rolls on such material without lingering.

Teflon fabric.This innovation came from France, where they presented this new trend. This fabric is much thinner and softer than the pongee, and the umbrella changes its shades depending on the lighting. It is believed that soon, most manufacturers of umbrellas will switch to such a fabric.


Most of the models that you can see in our markets are of Chinese origin. By the way, owners of English, Italian and German models can also ponder, because most of the respectable European firms actively use the services of the Chinese, who manufacture fabrics for them and build skeletons.

Frame and pen

It is possible to call a frame that can withstand a large force load, which is expressed in the form of strong gusts of wind and rain. For such purposes, steel structures are best suited. Now, by the way, fiberglass has become increasingly used for the production of frames, and the most durable types of aluminum are also actively used. Frameworks made from such materials are easy to bend, which allows them not to be afraid of any wind.

As for the handle, it is better that it was wooden. It is also important to note that the umbrella should be comfortable for your hand, should not slip, especially if your hands are wet. Therefore, choose curved and ribbed handles that will prevent unnecessary slipping.


However, not when choosing an umbrella is important not only its mechanical side, but also the aesthetic, especially for women.After all, as we have already said, a correctly selected umbrella is also an accessory that can both lift your spirits and give your look the right notes. So, how to choose the right umbrella?

Pay attention to the front side and its inside, because it will throw glare on your face, giving it a certain shade. The best shades are pink, cream and beige. Avoid dark colors, they will give your skin an unhealthy shade, which obviously does not paint a girl.

How much is a quality option?

This question is difficult to answer, because the range of prices is really great. Unfortunately, often giving a lot of money for a designer model, only over time you will find out that this is a fake. But the cheapest goods are umbrellas made in China, which are often a one-time option. In order to at least somehow protect yourself from a fake, try to do the following tests upon purchase:

  • Open and close the umbrella, determine if it is comfortable for you to use the mechanism, whether manipulations are easy.
  • Pay attention to the fabric, it should be well stretched on the dome, and also qualitatively attached to the spokes, so you protect yourself from sagging fabric.
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