How to choose a scale?

How to choose a scale?

How to choose a scale?

Such a device, as the scales should be in almost any home. Someone can buy scales to keep track of what weight they have at the moment, someone wants to watch their own child gain weight, and someone does not cook anything without using kitchen scales. And each scale has its own characteristics, and of course its own drawbacks and advantages. This article will provide you with information on how to choose scales, and each type of scale will be considered separately.



How to choose bathroom scales



Of course, scales is an accurate instrument. Scales are very important for those who, for various reasons of life, try to follow the weight of their own body. For this it is extremely important to make the right choice of floor scales.



Today, the oldest bathroom scales are mechanical. Their mechanism is based on the simplest springs, providing this type of weights with durability, thanks to which they are famous.Another advantage of mechanical scales is their universal availability. Usually there is nothing wise in the device, they are not expensive at all, they serve for a very long time, are convenient and practical. But they have one drawback - a small error in the measurement of weight. And this error can be very decent. With the available weighing limit using floor scales from 1 to 250 kg. In different models of mechanical weights, the error in measuring weight can vary from 0.1 to 0.5 kg. In addition, it should be remembered that before weighing, each time the value must be set to the perfect "zero". Before purchasing mechanical scales, be sure to find out what is the maximum weighing limit of this model. This should be especially taken into account by those who have a weight exceeding 100 kg. When describing a mechanical scale, you can give a short and clear characteristic: cheap and cheerful.



How to choose the right scales?

How to choose the right scales?



To always be confident enough in the accuracy of the weights, they must be checked regularly. For this, for example, you can weigh an unopened pack of salt.




A little more complicated is the situation with electronic scales.Undoubtedly, by themselves, electronic scales will be a more accurate mechanism compared to mechanical ones. They can successfully operate as from a mains, battery or battery. Electronic scales are made of durable glass, metal, plastic or wood. Electronic scales are a more expensive instrument for measuring weight, and their price may also depend on the material from which they are made. But not only from this. Electronic scales are a kind of real computer, so they can perform many functions. Models that are made of plastic and have an auto-off function will not be very expensive. But if you make higher demands on the scales, then purchase not an ordinary device, but scales with a wide range of various functions:




- sound effect;

- reboot sensor;

- auto power on and off;

- function of storing the results of the previous weighing;

- change of units for measurement;

- clock;

- thermometer;

- transfer data to a computer through a PC;

- additional removable display, so that the user does not have to look down;

- Calculation of the parameters of the ideal body weight, which will be ideal for fans of diets;

- printing data and graphs;

- multitouch measurement technology, which ensure the maximum accuracy when measuring;

- calculation of muscle mass, fat, bone tissue, as well as the calculation of the percentage of water inside the body;

- non-slip surface;

- the ability to save the function of remembering the weight of up to 10 family members.



What kind of functions you select the scales for is your own business. But you have to remember that the more scales contain functions, the more expensive their price will be. In addition, you will have to pay for the brand and for the appearance of your scales. So we continue to talk about how to choose scales.



The platform material is also a matter of taste. Someone would prefer glass as a material, while others prefer plastic, others will want to buy wooden, stone or metal scales.



It is difficult to say anything definite about the duration of the scales. It can either get lucky or not. Usually, expensive models of floor scales have a warranty period of up to 2 years, so that in the event of a malfunction, it is the manufacturer who will pay for them.



Choice of kitchen scales



Today's kitchen is real life, where not only smart appliances live, but also very stylish accessories. Just this kind of accessory is the modern kitchen scale. The hostesses are no longer interested in measuring the amount of cereals with the help of glasses, and measuring spoons with spoons. If you adore cooking, and recipes from you require perfect accuracy to the last gram, then kitchen scales in this case will be your indispensable assistant. The most accessible scales, as in other cases, are, of course, mechanical scales. But modern housewives have long preferred to purchase more expensive models in the kitchen that have an incredible amount of functions. After all, the latest electronic scales are capable of measuring weight with an accuracy of one gram, and also calculate the caloric content of various products (many models have in their memory the values ​​of caloric content of various most common products). What options do not offer today's manufacturers of electronic scales! Here and scales with a touch screen, where the display indicates the battery charge, alarm clock, timer, thermometer,some models even have an ambient humidity sensor. Almost all models of electronic scales already have auto-on and off functions by default. But choosing electronic kitchen scales, check what is their maximum allowable weight (weighing limit), and also pay attention to weighing strength. Most of today's weights weigh up to 3-5 kg., And their measurement accuracy is up to 0.1 gram. But you should not chase for such super precision, because 1 gram is enough. This information will help you to learn how to choose a scale.



How to choose a kitchen scale?

How to choose a kitchen scale?




Special attention can also be given to weighing containers. Some models have bowls and other containers for weighing. Other models have just a platform. Bowls are removable, and can be one piece with the case.



Our recommendation is that it is better to choose the scales with a removable bowl, because this way you will not have any difficulties with cleaning the scales. In addition, it is often inconvenient to weigh in the bowl of some product, such as large fish or a large pumpkin.Here it is easier to weigh on the platform with the bowl removed.



Such products as grits, sugar, salt, various kinds of liquids are best weighed in a bowl. If you are an owner of platform scales, then you can use any container that can be installed on this platform. In such a case, you can use the tare compensation function - that is, you can install an empty container on the scales, reset it, and then weigh it with the product in the container.



A number of models have a “Last Weighing” function, which often turns out to be very useful and convenient. For example, you weigh 200 grams of sugar, and now you need to weigh the flour. You have the opportunity, without pouring out the sugar, to zero the scales and add flour to the sugar and then other products. And the weight of sugar will remain in the memory of the scales. This way you will find out the total weight of all products. This function is convenient for preparing a pie test directly in the weighing pan.



A few words about the reliability of scales



If funds allow you, then it’s better to opt for a scale whose body is made of metal. Plastic will be cheaper, but less durable. Also, there are bowls of glass and frosted plastic.Be aware that transparent plastic will tarnish over time if it is frequently washed in a dishwasher.



A few words about the design. What design toasters you already know, and now about the scales. Now the scales of kitchen scales are ultrathin, having touch control, and the surface of such scales reminds the real masterpieces of world art. Some models of scales have an exclusive design and LED lighting.



How to choose baby scales



When choosing scales for weighing small children, one very important rule must be guided - the scales must be accurate to the limit. After all, everyone knows that if a baby doesn’t even get to normal weight a little, it will be an occasion for his parents to start worrying, because a crumb needs to be weighed very often. Naturally, the weighing can be done at the pediatrician, but only such weighing is possible only once a month, and you really want to constantly and daily see how your baby is gaining weight - it is so much calmer. Therefore, it is better to get home children's scales, even if they are mechanical.But experienced parents claim that in this case, electronic scales are much more convenient.



How to choose baby scales?

How to choose baby scales?



The most practical option is, of course, scales, with a removable bowl. Up to 10 months, you will weigh your baby in the bowl, and then, after removing the bowl, your scales will immediately turn into ordinary bathroom scales. Such scales have an error of weighing no more than 2 grams, so that it will be difficult to compete with them exactly: you will be able to know up to one gram how much your baby eats porridge or formula at one time. But when buying weights, be sure to pay attention to such a parameter as the weighing limit: it can vary from 12 to 25 kilograms, depending on the model.



For some parents, the procedure of weighing babies seems to be a rather large problem, since the child may be too active and not sit a single second in place. It is for this category of babies that some scales have the function “Swinging baby”, when turned on, the child's weight will be locked in an automatic way even with his active movement.Scale models with music are also sold, so that the weighing procedure gives the kid a lot of pleasant emotions.



Often, you can see the electronic scales, which have the function of topping, so that you can find out how much weight the diapers or diapers have. And some scales have a vertical or horizontal scale, designed to measure the growth of your baby.



Well, now the question of how to choose the scales for you will not be intractable. And at the end we will give one recommendation: buy scales that work on battery, because scales that weigh only after connecting to the electrical network do not meet even the elementary rules of your safety. And make sure that the balance is made of washable soft material or non-toxic plastic, which should be written in the instructions.

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