How to choose an elongated bang by face type to look megastylno

Long bangs are back in fashion in 2017. Skillfully trimmed elongated bangs look just gorgeous on the hair of any type and makes you look like a movie screen star. In addition, this type of bang makes the face more elongated and slim, hiding the small flaws of the exterior.

We present you a selection of20 ideas how to choose an elongated bang by face type.

Long bangs

How to choose a bang by face type:


For an oval face type any bang is suitable. But it should be noted that not all full girls fit elongated bangs.

Triangular face

Girls with a triangular type of face will approach magnificent bangs with volume at temples, oblique and direct variants.

Square face

Appropriate asymmetric bangs or bangs with shortened strands on the sides.

Round face

Girls with a round type of face fit asymmetrical bangs with torn edges.

Recently, girls are increasingly experimenting with bangs, even on wavy hair. Looks particularly interesting with a horse tail or a bundle.

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