How to choose the perfect sled for the child?

With the onset of winter, many parents are puzzled by the question of choosing a good sled for the child. After all for a given time of the year it is an excellent means of transportation, and an opportunity to conduct active games in the fresh air.

We all remember the sensations during the descent from the slide, when the heart stops on speed and the wind blows in your face, and you fly like a bird, and you want even faster, the first to reach the foot. Reckless fun, red cheeks and brutal appetite after a walk. Or early morning, frost, terribly want to sleep. And you are sitting in felt boots and a fur coat, carefully wrapped up by your mother in a blanket. The runners creak along the fresh snow on the way to the kindergarten - it’s good to sleep in the warmth. And all these pleasures gives a simple object known since childhood.

True now, along with familiar designs, improved modern models have appeared that have different functional features, but always give joy to both children and mothers. Just need to make a choice.

Where to begin?

Are you going to the store to get a sled? Hold on To choose them correctly, you need to consider the following important points, allowing you to make a truly successful purchase:

  • the purpose of acquiring sledges is walking or entertainment;
  • type of construction according to the age of the child;
  • model functionality;
  • weight of the sled, allowing them to use without any problems;
  • price-quality ratio;
  • availability by cost;
  • user reviews;
  • manufacturer;
  • availability of quality certificate.

As soon as all the dots are "placed", feel free to go buy good sleds for the child.

Proposed types of products

The assortment of sledges is rich enough. You can buy a model for the kid, similar to a stroller, so that it is reliably protected from cold and wind. Or a transformer - a universal vehicle in the snow without it, due to the presence of runners and wheels.

Older children will be approached by classic sleds, equally good for descent from the hill and walking routes. And the conquerors of the snow-capped peaks will be pleased with plastic forms, which are perfectly sliding and well-controlled. Consider the most popular models that can be found on sale.

  1. Classic sled.This is the most famous and used metal model that has undergone some changes for the convenience of children and their mothers. Suitable for children of different ages from one to six years and can withstand a weight of 50 kilograms. There are designs in which, as before, wooden boards are used for seating. It consists of a metal frame with a seat of plastic and a back, which can be folding or fixed, with aluminum or steel runners. The sled provides a leg room and a folding handle that allows you to control the movement and change the position of the child, according to the wishes of the mother, and weather conditions. In such a sled you can ride down the hill, after folding the handle. Included with the product can be removable mattresses for easy fit. The model is hardy, durable, lightweight, versatile and affordable. Its size can often accommodate two children. The disadvantage of metal sled is their bulkiness.
  2. Transformer based on metal sleds.This is a fairly wide design with runners and wheels, which can have two positions.In a raised position, they do not interfere with the advancement of the sleigh through the snow, but in the lowered one they help to move along the asphalt. During the thaw, when visiting a store with a child, this “SaniMobile” is very convenient. Production material - reliable steel. But the model is heavier and more expensive than conventional sleds.
  3. Sledge carriagesas a winter version of a comfortable stroller, so familiar to kids. In this model, warm and comfortable thanks to the soft long seat. All soft parts are made of water-repellent material, durable and easy to clean. The back is fixed in two positions, allowing the crumbs to lie and sit. Safety is provided by the belts holding the child in the design while moving. The kit may include a comfortable awning for legs or wheels. From the snow and rain closes the visor provided in all models of the sledge-strollers. Sturdy metal skids, a handle of a good length, a leg support - all this makes the sleigh comfortable for long winter walks. It is worth noting that this is a folding version of the sleigh that fits easily into the trunk of a car and does not take up much space at home. Designed for children from six months to three years.But for winter entertainment in the form of a descent from a hill is not suitable.
  4. Sledgesfrom plastic for descent from the mountain. This is an option for older children and even adults, who also want so much to remember their childhood and share the joy of winter fun with their children. On sale you can find a lot of varieties of bright colors and shapes. Despite the ease, they can withstand up to 100 kilograms of weight. They may have a steering wheel, a removable back, a flip-up handle, a bob or trough shape, LED lighting, handles.
  5. Snow scootersfrom plastic on one ski, on a design reminding a snowmobile. This is the most desirable model for children and in five, and in fifteen years. It has a steering wheel and a brake - mechanisms that allow the child to control movement and feel like a superman. In addition, on these ultra-modern sleds you can ride together.
  6. Snowmobilesof plastic on two skis also have a steering wheel. And they can develop a good speed when driving on a flat terrain and from a slide, therefore, they are recommended for use from the age of six.
  7. Excellent slidingfreezing leaves made of plastic, uncomplicated designs, safe and affordable, enjoy deserved love among the children of school age. They are fast, comfortable and light.There are new models with hand brakes.
  8. There are andinflatablesled options. This is a cheesecake (tubing), which, by the way, can be used in the summer for water recreation. They are almost weightless, soft and comfortable, but not durable.

What should I look for?

On the dimensions of the sleigh, weight and availability of a folding mechanism. In winter, both mothers and children are warmly dressed, making it difficult to transport the product to and from the street, not to mention public transport. Often, a mother with a baby goes for a walk, so the weight and compactness of the sled are important, provided that the model is safe and comfortable for the child.

A convenient flip handle and footrest are desirable. Pay attention to the material manufacturing runners and wheels, the mechanism of their change in the transformer, the presence of convenient additions to the sleigh in the form of awnings, visors and mattresses.

What is the seat made of? The tree is warmer than plastic, perhaps you should prefer it. For safety, according to experts, it is better to buy low sleds on runners placed widely apart.

Check the presence of seat belts and the strength of all mounts, make sure there are no defects.Demand a quality certificate for a purchase that guarantees its quality and compliance with standards. It is advisable to purchase a sleigh in a specialty store where you can get it for sure.

An ideal sled for a child can only be bought responsibly and competently approaching this issue. Weigh the pros and cons, agree on a budget, and then the purchase will bring joy to both your child and you.

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