How to choose the right highchair?

To feed the baby was convenient for him and his parents, as well as as safe as possible, you need to purchase a high-quality stool designed specifically for this purpose. Find out how to choose it, what to look for first.


There are the following types of high chairs for feeding:

  • Standard folding models are most in demand and common. This chair has tubular plastic and metal legs, a seat and a tabletop. The design provides the ability to fold, and in this form the product becomes compact and does not take up much space during storage. But sustainability is maintained, as are other qualities, such as convenience and safety.
  • Transforming highchair is a whole complex system, which can include numerous elements and provide the ability to change the configuration. There are different models with different configuration features.Thus, the product can include a highchair on a support, which turns into a table, which allows you to organize a full-fledged place for a grown-up child to eat. Some multifunctional mechanisms can be transformed from high chairs into swings, rocking chairs and even desks with training seats. Such an object has many options and is practically "growing" with the young owners, responding to all age characteristics and satisfying the needs.
  • The booster chair is, in fact, a seat with low legs or without them, which can be fixed with fasteners on any flat surface that has an edge, for example, on a normal adult stool or even on a window sill. This is convenient if you need to feed the baby outside the kitchen and especially outside the home. The object will not take up much space, but it is suitable only for young children, as an adult child simply does not fit in the seat, and the design itself will not sustain significant weight.

The main components of the chair and their characteristics

How to choose a good highchair? This item, as a rule, consists of several main parts: the seat, legs and table top.But each component has some important characteristics and its own characteristics, so the elements should be considered separately and in detail.

Evaluate the seat

The seat of the chair should be comfortable for the baby and as safe as possible. Important criteria are:

  1. Comfortable high back, which can have a soft headrest that protects the head of a small child from possible shocks and provides maximum comfort during feeding.
  2. The seat cover can be made of different materials. But textile is quickly and heavily polluted, as it absorbs drinks and particles of liquid food, so it is better to give preference to oilcloth, moisture resistant cover. And if this element is removable, then with strong pollution it can be washed or cleaned. The kit may include a removable cover, and this is a big plus.
  3. Useful will be the function of adjusting the height of the seat, which will allow you to change the position of the child relative to the parent feeding him or the general dining table. This model can be used from the beginning of the introduction of complementary foods and up to 3-5 years.
  4. Some chairs are equipped with the option to change the position of the backrest. If you plan to use the item exclusively for feeding, then the function may be useless and not be used. If the chair should be a multifunctional product, then the option will come in handy: for example, having thrown back you can arrange a resting place for the crumbs.
  5. Some models have steps under the seats, and it is convenient: the kid will be able to put the foot on the bar and not to chat with them. This part may be removable.
  6. The seat can be equipped with seat belts fixing the baby in the stool. Such an addition is useful and necessary, because it minimizes the risks of falls and injuries.


The legs provide stability, so they must be reliable and positioned so that the chair does not overturn, even with active movements of the child sitting in it. Most models have four legs, placed in a square. They can be connected in pairs, and this will increase the footprint and increase stability.

If the floor is slippery, rubber pads that reduce slip will come by the way.The legs can be equipped with wheels that make the chair mobile and allow you to move it quickly and without problems. But in such a model there must be brakes and clamps, excluding the probability of accidental movements.

Table top

No less important component is the tabletop. In many models, it is foldable, that is, it is removed and moved behind the seat. Also the part can be removable, which is also convenient and sometimes necessary.

The stool can have the function of adjusting the height of the tabletop, and it will come in handy if you purchase an object “for growth”. In addition, the edges along the edges will help to avoid flooring contamination when tipping over plates or glasses: all their contents will remain within the tabletop. Also on the surface there may be dividers for dishes, a notch for the glass.

What else to pay attention to?

If you buy a chair, find out what material it is made of. The legs of most models are metal, but the metals can be different. Steel is strong and does not rust, but automatically increases the weight of the entire structure.Aluminum is light, but can bend and deform. The table top and seat are usually plastic, but this material must be high quality, durable and safe. Modern composite compositions are also used, for example, polycarbonate: its products are strong and durable.

It is worth paying attention to the design, and start with the color scheme. Shades can be the most diverse, but it is better to give preference to restrained, calm and light, such as beige, sandy, light blue, pale pink. Bright negatively affect the child's psyche and distract from feeding, and dark ones can worsen the appetite and oppress. It is necessary to avoid and excessively motley and catchy drawings. Calm and lovely children's patterns that are not too distinguished from the general background are appropriate.

A highchair should have, if possible, streamlined, not very coarse shapes and rounded edges. Numerous acute angles are increased risks of bumps and injuries.

Criterias of choice

Finally, advice to parents and the fundamental criteria for choosing a highchair for feeding:

  • Take into account the age of the child. For the six-month-old baby who has just begun to sit, purchase a high-backed chair with the most comfortable back, providing proper support, as well as seat belts.An older child is more suitable transforming model.
  • Important criteria are the weight and height of the baby, which affect the size of the chair and the maximum permissible loads. So, conventional folding chairs stand up to 15-18 kilograms, transformers in the decomposed form - about 30-35, and high-strength metal or polycarbonate models - up to 40.
  • Purpose If the highchair will be used exclusively for feeding, then its design can be simple. And if it is to become a multifunctional item, choose a transformer or a multi-component complex.

Now you know the basic criteria for choosing a highchair and will be able to determine what is right for your child.

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