How to choose thinning scissors?

If you work as a hairdresser, are fond of haircuts or do their girlfriends and relatives, then you will need a thinning scissors. Find out what to look for when buying such an accessory.

What it is?

What are thinning scissors, what are they for? The accessory has one serrated web or two. Used thinning scissors for thinning hair, creating smoother transitions, soft edges and lines in the hair, for bangs. Applying such an accessory, the master cuts off part of the hairs, the rest remain intact. Reception is simply necessary when creating male model haircuts, as well as female cascading haircuts, in which the cut should not be overly explicit, coarse and pronounced.

How to make the right choice?

How to choose good thinning scissors, which will help create real masterpieces of hairdressing art? When buying an accessory, pay attention to several important parameters:

  1. Bilateral or one-sided scissors? In the latter, only one blade has teeth, and in the former, two jagged blades. Bilateral thinning scissors are ideal for beginners, as they cut less hair, that is, the thinning effect is less pronounced. With such an accessory, the risk of making mistakes and spoiling the hairstyle is reduced, but the length of the haircut increases. Experienced craftsmen will be able to work with one-sided scissors: they speed up the process, but thin out the strands more strongly. A beginner hairdresser can cut too many hairs by making a mistake.
  2. The number of teeth on the canvas varies from 8-10 to 30-40. The more frequent and numerous they will be, the softer and less pronounced the cut will be. A novice master should choose scissors with a large or at least average number of teeth.
  3. The location of the teeth also plays an important role. Thinning scissors with teeth on top will be suitable for thick and tough Asian-type hair, if you need a fairly aggressive or “torn” thinning (more hairs are cut off). An accessory with a lower arrangement of teeth is usually used for a haircut, if the hair is of European type, that is, soft and not very thick.Thinning will not be strong and pronounced, the hairstyle will find soft transitions.
  4. The size is selected taking into account the features of the barber's hand: the larger the palm, the longer the blade should be.
  5. Material. The blades are made of metal, the quality and characteristics of which depend on the quality of the haircuts and the durability of the accessory. The best option is stainless steel: it is durable, does not corrode (and the effect of moisture on haircuts on wet hair is simply inevitable), is not deformed and is durable. Handles can also be metal or made of plastic. The latter material reduces the weight of the accessory, but is rather fragile and can break when used carelessly. Metal handles are strong and durable, but they increase the weight of the scissors and are not always pleasant to the touch (they are cold, but rather quickly reach the temperature of the human body while being held in hand).
  6. The shape of the pens. Proper and truly comfortable thinning shears should have an anatomical shape that follows the contours of the fingers and palm. This accessory makes the process of cutting the most comfortable for the master.Before buying it is worth holding the scissors in your hands, and even better to test them in action to appreciate the convenience, to adapt and choose the best option.

Overview of popular manufacturers

Consider some popular brands of thinning scissors and their main characteristics:

  • “Dewal” is a well-deserved brand that offers comfortable and very high-quality accessories at quite reasonable prices. Thinning scissors from this manufacturer are convenient and suitable not only for experienced craftsmen, but also for beginners, you can also use them at home. The model range is wide, so you can choose the right option or several accessories for different hairstyles.
  • «Jaguar». The company has been operating for several decades and has firmly occupied its niche in the market of accessories for hairdressing. The range of products is wide, which allows you to choose any models for all occasions and create complex hairstyles. The brand is popular among beginner craftsmen and amateurs, as well as among these highly skilled professionals. Particularly noteworthy are the sharp blades, sharpened at different angles and ensure a comfortable work and perfect hair cutting. The disadvantage of many consider the high cost of scissors.
  • Kedake is a Japanese company known worldwide and very popular among experienced and professional hairdressers, as well as among beginners and amateurs. Masters in this brand appreciate high quality, impressive durability and comfort when using. Blades are made of good stainless steel with the addition of components that increase the strength and make the fabric more sharp and dull more slowly. There are many models in the line, so you can choose an option for any haircut or purchase several accessories for experiments.
  • «Kapous Professional». The manufacturer offers customers the best combination of quality and price. Scissors are made of high-quality metal, have convenient to use anatomical handles, serve for a long time. Among the models there are both classic and elegant, which girls like stylists like.
  • “Zinger” is the best scissors of the budget category. Everyone can afford almost any model, because the cost is acceptable. The sizes and shapes of the handles are classic and standard, but quite comfortable, so there is usually no discomfort.The main disadvantage is the use of plastic, which can be damaged or cause breakage of scissors.

How to use thinning shears, how to care for them?

To allow scissors to create stylish hairstyles and serve for a long time, you need to use them correctly. To cut them better dried and laid hair, to immediately see which areas need to be thinned, and how the strands will lie in the end. Most often, the ends of hair are processed with thinning scissors, which makes it possible to smooth and soften the cut.

But filing from the middle of the curls is possible, giving texture to the haircut and originality. Haircut of the root zone is relevant if you need to select some areas or reduce the volume of hair, when the hair is very heavy or thick. It is quite simple to use thinning shears: separate the strand, lift it onto your fingers or a comb and cut it in the right place.

Equally important is proper care of the accessory. First, it should be kept in a case to protect it from the effects of negative factors that can damage the blades and change the material properties of the blades.Secondly, after cutting, it is worth wiping thinning scissors with a soft, well-absorbing fabric that will remove small remaining hairs and moisture, providing protection against corrosion, and at the same time gently polish the blades. Thirdly, immediately remove the accessory after the haircut, so that it does not fall or break.

Tip: use thinning shears for different haircuts and experiment, but follow the general rules and avoid blunders and thoughtless movements.

If you want to create bright and stylish hairstyles, get suitable and high-quality thinning shears and use them.

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