How to clean the hips at home for 3 weeks

Beautiful and slim figure - the dream of every woman, but not everyone is ready to fight for the desired ideals. If you have the desire and confidence that you have enough patience and perseverance in achieving the goal, that you are ready to adhere to and strictly follow a number of rules, pay attention to physical exercise and nutrition, day after day, then the article is written for you. How to start to remove the hips?

First, measure the volume of the hips of each leg separately, choose a wide place. Write in a notebook, diary or notebook. It is better to write down in the table: date, volume of hips of the left and right leg. Similar measurements will have to be taken every week. Many will say: "Why all this?". The first loss in the hips is not visible to the eye, but the centimeter will “see.” There will be an incentive to move forward towards the intended goal, the mood will noticeably improve!

First week - bodyflex

Monday morning, start with bodyflex thighs.It will help eliminate problem areas, make slim and fit. Ideally, master the full range. Minimum daily performance of three exercises: "seiko", "boat", "pretzel". Bodyflex helps to burn fat and lose weight in the right places.

Exercise "Seiko"

Helps to tighten the muscles on the hips.

  1. Starting position - knees are on the floor.
  2. Bent elbows, leaning into the floor, move the right leg to the side at a right angle, with the foot on the floor.
  3. While in this position, take a breath and hold your breath, pulling in your abdominal muscles and moving into the initial position.
  4. Exhaling, stretch the leg to lift to the level of the thigh and pull forward, toward the head.
  5. The leg remains straight, the toe of the foot is not necessary.
  6. In this position, hold your breath again for 8 seconds.

It is recommended to do the exercise at least three times in each direction.

Video exercises at home

Exercise "Boat"

Tighten the inner thigh.

  1. The starting position - to sit on the floor, not taking off the heels off the floor.
  2. Pull the socks with your feet on yourself and part to the side. Then, lean your hands on the floor, hold your torso in straight arms.
  3. Inhale and hold your breath in this position.
  4. When you exhale, translate your arms forward, bending at the waist, put your hands in front of you, bend without taking your palms off the floor.
  5. Feel the stretching of the thighs. In this position, linger for 8 seconds and let the muscles relax.

Repeat 3 times.

Exercise "pretzel"

Tighten the outer part of the thighs and remove the sides.

  1. Starting position - sit on the floor, bending the knees so that the left knee is on top of the right, straighten the right leg.
  2. Place your left hand behind your back, your right hand on your knee. Inhale and draw the stomach in, holding your breath. Having exhaled, we change position.
  3. We transfer body weight to the left hand. Right pull to his left knee. The body is turned to the left, we look back.
  4. You will feel muscle strain. In this position, hold on for 8 seconds and relax.

Repeat the exercise 3 times in each direction.

Video training


In the first week, dinner time is postponed an hour earlier. If the habit of dining at 22 o'clock, postpone to 21 o'clock. Ideally, dinner no later than 18 hours. Lovers of night snacks will have much more difficult.

So passes the first week to reduce the hips. On Monday, we take our measurements and put them in a table.If you notice a change, continue to exercise. If the result is not noticeable or you want to accelerate, add the evening procedure from the second week.

The second week - add massage and rubbing

Bodyflex for hips remains, the dinner is transferred one more hour earlier. If you managed to get to 18 hours, do not carry an hour. In the evening, we add another procedure: rubbing the skin with a special dry brush and foot massage. Dry rubbing is considered anti-cellulite.


  1. Start with fingers and hands. This is done as much as time and desire allows.
  2. After rubbing your hands, go to your feet. For convenience, the foot can be put on the edge of the bath. The rubbing of the foot and fingers is carried across. Then, in a circular motion, the soles and ankles are rubbed, gradually moving to the lower leg.
  3. When rubbing, try to press on the brush as much as possible. Move long movements from the ankle to the knees, along the shin. Repeat 15 times.
  4. After the transition to the buttocks and thighs. Do the same exercises with the other leg.

Gradually learn to identify the most problematic places on the body, and cellulite will pass.Do not expect that everything will happen quickly, sometimes you have to wait for months. If you want to get rid of extra centimeters on the hips and abdomen, such exercises should become the norm.

After dry rubbing, take a shower or bath, then spend 15 minutes on self-massage. On Monday, we again measure the parameters and put in a notebook.All performed procedures are possible after consulting a doctor. It all depends on the characteristics of the body and a number of diseases.

Video how to remove ears on hips

Third week - add hot wrapping

The previous procedures are preserved. We add hot wrapping 1 time in 3 days, only 10 procedures. Many consider the best material for wrapping - algae, which are sold in a pharmacy. No less effective honey with vinegar.

In the evening, after dry rubbing, take a shower, then proceed to the wrap. If you decide to hold a wrap with algae, pre-soak them with hot water for 15 minutes, but not boiling water. Then apply on the hips and wrap with cling film. 30 minutes lie under a warm blanket, remove the film and rinse the hips with warm water. After the procedure, self-massage.

Change the diet

To improve the shape and remove excess from the hips, it will take a lot of effort. Exercises can be nullified if not rebuilt nutrition. And the pork will have to be forgotten. What products to pay special attention to?

  1. Vegetables. Pepper is sweet and hot. It is believed that the most useful pepper yellow and orange flowers. Cabbage fresh, pickled, broccoli. Remember, fresh cabbage in large quantities causes flatulence.
  2. Fruit. Kiwi burns fat, as well as avocados, apples, pears. A lot of pectin and fiber, which helps to normalize the work of the intestine, the removal from the body of bad cholesterol and fat.
  3. The nuts. Almonds, peanuts, walnuts. They contain vegetable protein, potassium, calcium, iodine, magnesium. Daily eat up to 5-8 pieces. This will help to cope with fatigue and depression, normalizes carbon metabolism, the muscular system.
  4. Groats. Oatmeal (rolled oats), rice, buckwheat. Buckwheat is a source of slow carbohydrates, it is low in fat, high in iron. Buckwheat can simulate the body, increasing muscle mass. Oatmeal is rich in phosphorus, calcium and fiber, which is good for bone tissue. Rice - a source of carbohydrates, fiber, magnesium.It does not delay the incoming fluid in the body, it is recommended for diets.
  5. . The most valuable omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A and D. Polyunsaturated fatty acids help fight cholesterol and help normalize the functioning of the brain and cardiovascular system. Fish is best steamed or boiled.
  6. Low-fat cheeses. The most valuable dairy product, which contains vitamins and amino acids. Cheese, ricotta, mozzarella, hard cheese are recommended. To pay attention to cheeses for women over 40, they have a lot of phosphorus and calcium, which is necessary for strengthening bones, especially if you are engaged in serious physical exertion. In the diet add fermented milk products, kefir with bran in the evening. It will cleanse the body of toxins and accelerate metabolic processes.
  7. Boiled eggs. Recommend for breakfast. Boiled eggs are a low-calorie product, saturate the body with proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, trace elements. Protein in the egg is more beneficial than in meat, fish or milk. Frying is not recommended. To diversify consumption, you can cook an omelet from some proteins with steamed vegetables.

On Monday, again take measurements! Is there a result? Are you satisfied with the changes? If you are not happy with your hips, go straight to the gym.You can do simple daily exercise. Start running in the morning or in the evening for 40 minutes. Jogging helps reduce the amount of hips and buttocks.To whom in the region of 40 years or more, it is better to replace jogging with sports or Nordic walking.

Useful recommendations

Scandinavian walking is more effective than ordinary or sports. A large group of muscles is involved, 45% more calories burned. This is the way to lose weight and burn excess fats in problem areas, on the hips and buttocks, especially if combined with a healthy lifestyle.

Get rid of extra inches on the hips help squats, legs, skipping rope and hula-hoop. The main thing is not to be lazy! What did not choose the ideal, to remove the hips get to a certain limit, everything has a limit. Then the task to keep the conquest will appear! What to do for this?

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Have dinner no later than 18.00, do morning exercises and exercises. Continue periodically dry rubbing of the body and wrapping. Such measures will allow you to keep yourself in shape and enjoy a beautiful view.

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