How to conduct a profitability analysis

Spendanalysisprofitabilitythe company according to its activities for the year, and then by quarter. Compare actual performanceprofitability(products, property, equity) for the required period with calculated (planned) indicators and with values ​​for previous periods. In this case, the values ​​for previous periods bring to a comparable form using a price index.
Study the effect of internal and external production factors on indicatorsprofitability. Then determine the reserves of growth indicatorsprofitability. In turn, to ensure an increaseprofitability, the rate of increase in profits should be greater than the growth rate of the materials used or the results of operations, that is, income from the sale of goods.
AboutanalysisIdea the stability of the company, which is characterized by many different indicators that reflect the stability of his financial situation, the optimal level of liquidity and solvency. Purpose ofanalysisand finance is used to assess the state of the company in the previous period, to assess its condition at the moment and assess the future position of the company.
Financial itselfanalysisspend in several stages: determine the approach or direction of thisanalysisa, rate the quality of the source information and executeanalysisusing basic methods. These methods include: horizontal - a comparison of each individual balance sheet position or other reporting document with data for the previous period; vertical - definition of the system of all components of the indicator, as well as the influence of each position as a whole on the result itself; trend -analysisindicator, made over several periods of time and determining the trend using mathematical processing of a certain number of dynamics.

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