How to connect a double switch?

Nowadays, lighting devices with a large number of light bulbs that create bright lighting are popular. However, it is not always necessary to have bright lighting in the room and the problem of lighting control arises. One solution to the problem is to use a double or triple switch, which allows switching on groups of lamps separately.

Lamp connection

But how to connect a double switch for a chandelier or wall lamp? It's not at all difficult if you remember a school course in physics, stock up with the simplest tools and observe safety precautions.

First, let's talk about how to connect the lamps. As a rule, the phase and the neutral wire are supplied to the apartment. In order for the light bulbs to start to glow, they need to apply both zero and phase. The zero wire is directly fed to the luminaire and placed on each light bulb. And the phase wire is broken by a switch and that is how light is controlled.Why precisely phase wire? Exceptional for safety reasons. Since if you make a permanent connection of the phase to the lighting device, and to break the zero, there will always be voltage on the lighting device bases and even a regular replacement of a light bulb can be dangerous for the one who replaces it.

So, how to connect a double switch:

  1. Since the installation or replacement of the circuit breaker is connected with the work with the phase conductor, the apartment must be de-energized by turning off the circuit breakers (by removing the plugs) on the distribution board. In order to make sure that the voltage is turned off, it is better to leave some lighting device turned on — for example, a desk lamp.
  2. If your wiring allows the connection of a double switch, it should receive two wires - one from each group of lamps and one phase from the junction box.
  3. If you are not sure which of the wires is phase, before connecting a double switch, you should decide on the wires. To do this, carefully separate the tips of the wires in different directions, so that they do not touch, turn on the voltage on the distribution board and with a screwdriver-tester, gently touch the bare tip of each of the wires.That wire, at the touch of which the light bulb comes on, will be phase.
  4. Turn off the light on the distribution box again.
  5. Now you can proceed to the installation of the switch. As a rule, two-button switches have three terminals - two at the top and one at the bottom. The bottom is used to connect the phase wires, and the top two - for wires from groups of lamps. Usually on the back of the switch body is a diagram of its connection.
  6. Strip the bare edges of the wires. To connect the wire, loosen the screw of the terminal, insert the edge of the wire into it, and tighten the screw firmly with a screwdriver to ensure a tight contact. If the screw is not tightened enough, the connection will not be tight, and arcing and heating will be observed in its place, which over time can lead to negative consequences. Connect all three terminals in the same way.
  7. Finally, put on the decorative panel of the switch and turn on the voltage on the switchboard. Try the switch.

How to make a double switch? The double switch can be replaced by two single switches mounted side by side. But the double switch is more compact and aesthetically pleasing, therefore it is preferable.

In any case, no matter what switch you put, never forget about your own safety measures when working with electricity.

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