How to connect agent to your phone

You will need
  • Cell phone, internet.
So that you can use this application from your mobilephonea, you first need to download the installation package. You can do this as follows.
Visit the mobile version of the Mail.Ru portal. Using the navigation, find the “Agent” tab and wait for the page to load. On the page that opens, you can find a link that allows you to download Mail.Ru Agent to your mobilephone. Follow this link and wait until the installer download is complete.
Open the downloaded installer. The phone will automatically install the application, you only have to set the necessary installation parameters from time to time. Usually, the total installation time does not exceed two minutes. After the application is installed on your cellularphone, you can activate it.
Make sure onphonee included internet. Go to the application folder and run the mail agent.The program will require you to log in to continue. Enter your username and password. After you enter the program under your login, you will be able to use the installed application.

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