How to connect SMS package Beeline?

Milana Sarkina
Milana Sarkina
February 19, 2013
How to connect SMS package Beeline?

SMS package is a limited number of messages at a lower price than specified in the tariff. For subscribers of the Beeline network - Moscow sms package is a good way to save money. Connect sms package Beeline is not difficult. So, let's see how to connect the Beeline sms package ...

Call the number:

  • 25 sms package - 0674025 (call)
  • Package 50 sms - 0674050 (call)
  • Package 150 sms - 06740150 (call)
  • Package 300 sms - 0674300 (call)
  • 1000 sms package - 06741000 (call)

Look at your fare

  1. Perhaps you have a tariff, "Pay first, then say." Then the package can be used to send SMS to Beeline and other mobile operators in your region and the Republic. If you are in roaming or send SMS to the numbers of mobile operators in other cities or countries, the SMS Beeline package service does not work. If SMS is sent to short numbers, the service is not valid. SMS package is valid for 30 days, and if you do not receive SMS, you need to take a package of any value and the balance is transferred to the next month.If you do not extend the SMS package service, while it is valid, messages that remain will be canceled upon expiration of the service. To check the number of remaining SMS, you need to dial * 106 # (call), or the number 0697.
  2. You may have another option: your tariff, "First say, and then pay." So, the remaining SMS are canceled at the end of the billing period. A new package is automatically connected until you deactivate the service. You can find out the number of remaining SMS by calling 067406 (call).

Approximate cost of packages

  • Package 25 SMS - 21,5 r
  • Package 50 SMS - 37.95 r
  • Package 150 SMS - 85 p
  • Package of 300 SMS - 150 r
  • 1000 SMS package - 300 r

The larger the SMS package, the more the desire to write a message to family and friends. Beeline sms package service is a great way to communicate with sms messages and not to spend a lot of money on it.

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