How to cook a cake with butter cream

Recipe 2. Cake "Napoleon". Preparation of cake layers: To make the first dough, mix the butter with flour, knead it and divide it into eight parts. Make squares out of them. For the preparation of the second type of dough, rub the egg with salt or whisk with a mixer. Add sour cream, vinegar and flour. Knead the dough, and also divide it into eight parts. From each part of the second dough, make small squares, and they should be twice as large as the squares from the first dough. an envelope. Roll the resulting layer size, approximately 15x20 cm, and the thickness should not exceed 1 cm. Fold the resulting piece three times in length, and then three times in width, and again roll into a layer of the same size. Repeat two more times the whole procedure of folding and rolling. So is the preparation for one cake.Since you have 8 pieces of each dough, repeat the procedure seven times more to get 8 layers. Each roll is thinly rolled and baked on a baking sheet, previously doughing dough in several places with a fork. The temperature in the oven should be about 210 degrees. Preparation of the cream: Beat the eggs with sugar until a smooth, fluffy mass is obtained. Fry the flour to a yellowish color, cool and add egg mass to it. Stir well to avoid lumps. Milk boil and pour in a thin stream into the egg-flour mixture. Then put on a small flame and, stirring constantly, boil until the cream thickens. Next, cool it to the temperature of fresh milk. Use a convenient way for you to whisk the butter into a fluffy mass. Add cream, vanilla and liqueur to it, mix everything well so that you get a homogeneous mass. Refueling and decorationcakea: Trim the finished cakes with a sharp knife from all sides. Leave seven, and crush one. Each cake squandercreamand cover the top with a tray or cutting board and place a small load on top for about 15 minutes. Then remove the load, grease it with plentycaketop and side creamcreamand sprinkle with crumb. You can also rub chocolate and sprinkle it.cake. Or leave a little cream and use a confectionery syringe to decorate it with flowers. The cake is ready.

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