How to cope with post-release depression.


Like a birthday, a good vacation is only once a year

How much do you wait every year for the cherished day when you wake up and realize that the long-awaited weeks of vacation have arrived? Whether they will consist of relaxed and measured days at the resort, or you, knee-deep in weeds and with an arsenal of household equipment on hand, will fix the fence in the country house, which has bent over since last year's holiday - now it does not matter. It is important to prepare in advance for the possibility of the occurrence of the phenomenon of post-holiday depression.



The fish rots from the head



Let's see what can be a catalyst for this unpleasant effect of any vacation on a specific fictional example.

Suppose, living in an ordinary large city with a fall smoothly flowing into the next fall, you naturally decide to spend your vacation on the beach of a popular resort town. The process of rest itself can be dofantized and go straight to the moment of returning to even if not sohated, but still routine work. This is where the very “inflammation” of post-holiday depression occurs. Because of which?



Try to forget about work during vacation.



You seem to be thrown out of the life of a carefree, eternally merry and happy child into adulthood with its inherent social and financial problems that you have never suspected. Stress and nervousness will be provided to you.


Of course, I do not claim that such cases occur very often, but if you have repeatedly faced with a depression of a similar nature, it will not be superfluous to protect yourself from relapse.


To avoid this, you need, as always, to start with “auto analysis”, that is, look for problems and their causes in themselves.


The reason is likely to be a normal desire for each person to extend the rest. Therefore, it is necessary to pre-tune yourself to the fact that the vacation can not last forever. Inspire yourself with the idea that if you extend your rest for a few more days, you will immediately become bored, your brain and hands will require work. Such a mood will help you as smoothly and harmoniously join the work schedule.




Psychological training



There is also another method that can and should be combined with the one described above.


Start "preparing" for the holiday. Not in the sense - to collect a suitcase and cross out the days in the calendar. I mean spiritual leave. Replace the shopping trip at least a half-hour outdoor recreation, visit the theater. No matter how trivial it sounded, but the brain itself will be adjusted to rest and relaxation. Do you expect to strengthen the holiday experience with a holiday romance? Try to expand the social circle in everyday life - this should quench the thirst for new relationships.



Try to enter the normal working rhythm as smoothly as possible.



Do not forget about changing the time. Calculate your trip so that you have left three or four days left. Use them for acclimatization, recovery of sleep and wakefulness and habituation to everyday life.


Also, after a trip to exotic countries, your digestive system may require a recovery period.


Rest wisely and take care of your nerves!


 The author of the article: Vladimir "Scor" Solomykin.

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