How to cope with unpleasant situations in the restaurant

How to cope with unpleasant situationsWhat to do if you drop the plug

If you drop the device on the floor: never lift it. Call the waiter and politely ask for another one.


If you are served a poorly cooked dish: most often such situations arise with meat. Call the waiter and in a whisper politely explain the situation. After that they will bring you another portion.


If a foreign object is caught in the food: call the waiter and very politely explain what happened.


If you do not like the way the food is cooked, or you cannot eat this food for one reason or another. Of course, the best thing you can do during lunch is to taste every dish a little. But if you cannot eat certain foods, then just smile and politely refuse. Should not be criticized.


If you have a bone stuck in your teeth, cartilage or something else: carefully take this object with a fork and do not noticeably put it on a plate.


If you notice that a neighbor has a piece of spinach stuck on his lips or a beard has stuck the crumbs: catch the eye of your neighbor and show with a gesture that it’s not like that.


So, you passed a short course of rules at the table. Now you can go to any reception! Bon Appetit!


For example, if you (or even better, you and your partners) adore alpine skiing or golf, is it not better to hold a business meeting at a mountain resort or at a golf club? By combining business with pleasure, you can achieve great success and understanding during negotiations. In this chapter, we will give some useful tips on how to organize meetings outside the office.

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