How to cure wen on the face?

One of the skin formations that are quite often found in people of different ages and genders are wen. In most cases, these benign formations arising from subcutaneous fat are not given special attention, because when they are located on parts of the body that are hidden by clothing and do not disturb with unpleasant sensations, they can remain unnoticed for a long time.

And although almost all wenders do not pose a health hazard, it is advisable not to start the process, asking for help from specialists when they appear anywhere on the skin, and not just on the face.


Removal of the wen is not an easy process, since, unlike the pimple, it is located at a depth under a layer of skin without a duct that removes the contents of the formation. It is best done by specialists - dermatologists and cosmetologists, removing with the help of a surgical method or therapy with the use of drugs.However, there are opportunities to get rid of the wen with the use of gentle home remedies. What types of wen can form on the face? In dermatology, there is their division into the following types:

  • lipoma - a mobile, deep-lying formation with a location in any area of ​​the face;
  • Milium is a wen in the form of a small white nodule protruding above the skin, the site of localization of which are the wings of the nose, forehead and cheekbones;
  • Xanthelasma - soft, yellowish, flat and raznoformennym Wen of large or small size, with a tendency to grow and merge, usually affecting the eyelids;
  • Xanthoma, with soft content like xanthelasma, displacement during palpation, the possibility of growth up to one and a half centimeters, localization in areas with thin skin (eyebrows, eyes), often diagnosed during menopause in the female.

Why appear?

If a wen appeared, it is not enough to simply remove it to solve the problem. Obligatory stage in the treatment is examination, with the establishment and elimination of the cause of its occurrence, in order to avoid relapse.The pathogenesis of subcutaneous fatty glands on the face is still not clear enough, but among the most common reasons experts call:

  1. Violation of the metabolic process. The cause of half the cases is diabetes mellitus or a simple increase in blood sugar levels. A significant role is played by thyroid diseases, liver pathologies with the kidneys, hormonal disruptions, lipid metabolism disorders and gastrointestinal functions.
  2. Rational imbalance, with a lack of natural vitamins and minerals, an excess of preservatives, dyes and other low-quality ingredients. All this violates metabolic processes and complicates the normal cleansing of the body.
  3. Cosmetics, with its excessive use and discrepancy with the skin type, with sequelae in the form of sebum sebum. At risk are teenagers, with the coincidence of hormonal adjustment and “harmful” cosmetics.
  4. Genetic predisposition. The fourth part of the disease is inherent in healthy people with the observance of healthy lifestyles, an adequate attitude to cosmetics and the absence of metabolic disorders, which suggests this cause.

Ways to solve the problem

How to get rid of a wen on the face properly, safe for health? With a large size, a tendency to growth, the presence of inconvenience in the form of suppuration and inflammation with the presence of pain, of course, it is recommended to consult a specialist, rather than self-removal.

With a small neoplasm on the face, it is possible to use home remedies in the form of various compresses, lotions and masks, taking into account the fact that the treatment is long and requires regularity and consistency for a positive result.

If the result from home manipulations is temporary or absent altogether, with the reappearance of the Wen, then you cannot do without going to the hospital for examination and therapy under the supervision of a physician.

At home

Facial wenches help clean up some indoor plants with healing properties, but after testing for the presence of cancer cells. Proven successful action on education:

Medicinal plants in the form of:

Treat the wen and pepper, which is also quite effective in the form of alcohol compresses, provided it is used twice a day for three weeks.In the presence of sensitive skin, this method is used carefully, taking care not to burn the skin of the face. Applied exclusively on the wen:

  • red, putting a pinch of product on a disk soaked in alcohol;
  • black, sprinkling them with an alcohol gauze napkin.

Onions and garlic, which are rich in phytoncides that fight microorganisms and adhesives, help. Caustic products are used neatly in the form of:

  • onion mask;
  • onion lotion with soap;
  • onion-honey compress;
  • garlic ointment;
  • garlic oil massage.

Folk remedies also use food as ingredients, for example:

  1. Wheat, ground to a homogeneous mass and mixed with vegetable oil. This mixture is used as a lotion to stretch the contents until the healing of the wound. You can mix the product simply with water. You need at least six procedures.
  2. Sour cream. A tablespoon of the product in equal parts is mixed with liquid honey and ordinary salt, applying the composition to the steamed face in the area of ​​the wen for fifteen minutes to achieve the result.
  3. Sunflower oil in equal parts with vodka to thirty milliliters, for a compress at night. Apply daily.
  4. Spoiled milk.A tablespoon of the product is combined with two spoons of red clay and half a teaspoon of salt for daily compresses.
  5. Melted mutton fat. It is applied to the swab and applied hot to the formation for ten minutes in the evenings.

Drug therapy

Therapy with ointments is effective only in the case of a small wen up to three centimeters in size, and large masses will be surgically removed by the doctor. Before you start using any ointments, masks, compresses, lotions, and the like, you need to make sure of the individual tolerance of their components. Drugs successfully used in therapy:

  1. It is excellent in dealing with skin lesions in the form of boils, abscesses, trophic ulcers, festering wounds, corns and wen, Vishnevsky ointment, named after its creator, the Russian surgeon. As part of the drug tar with xeroform and castor oil. The ointment is applied to gauze or cotton pad, covering the formation at night. The course of treatment consists of a three-day overlay, with a break of two days, and its repetition. The ointment is effective with new and old fats, excellent in suppressing the inflammatory process with extention of the contents from the outside.
  2. Ichthyol ointment is no less popular, as well as Vishnevsky ointment, which pulls purulent contents from wounds, and fatty ones from wounds. The course of therapy is similar.

Alternative method

Getting rid of small wen helps piercing, which is unpleasant, but effective. Pre-disinfect skin of the face and hands, and a tool in the form of a thin pointed needle, which pierces the skin over the formation, taking out the fatty capsule. The place of manipulation is wiped with alcohol, dried and covered with levomekol ointment.

It is not necessary to self-pierce large wen to avoid scarring of the skin. You can cauterize wenders with iodine twice a day, avoiding contact with the solution on healthy skin, or celandine.

Suitable for these purposes is an alcohol tincture of any plant with antibacterial qualities, for example, calendula, salicylic alcohol with boric acid, too. Cauterization is especially good for removing tumors located under the eyes.


Due to the incomplete study of the causes and the inability to identify the pathogenesis in a quarter of manifestations, there are no specific preventive measures to prevent adipose tissue.Anyone can fall into the risk category, regardless of their health status.

Therefore, prevention is reduced to a responsible attitude to health, the absence of bad habits, proper nutrition, exercise, hygiene and timely cleansing of the body of toxins, that is, the notorious healthy lifestyle.

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