How to deal with gallstone disease

Treatment methods for gallstone disease at different stages are different. However, patients, regardless of the events, need to follow the dietary regime for dozens of years and periodically carry out a spa treatment. This allows you to increase the activity of liver cells and avoid the occurrence of cholesterolemia, metabolic disorders. An important place is the fight against infection of the biliary tract, gallbladder and the ascending intestine.
It is necessary to prevent the stagnation of bile. The best choleretic agent is split meals, that is, frequent meals in small quantities. To liquefy bile and increase secretion, drink plenty of water. It is also important by prescribing laxatives, diets and enemas to combat constipation.
From the food of the patient should be excluded cholesterol-rich brains and egg yolks, sharply limit fatty, meat dishes (especially smoked), butter, alcoholic beverages, canned goods.A predominantly vegetarian diet rich in vitamins is recommended.
In the period of acute exacerbations of the disease, it is necessary to adhere to a scanty diet: semolina and rice porridge on water, tea, white lean rusks, jelly. Gradually, grated vegetables, vegetable soup, low-fat broth, yogurt and some milk are introduced into the diet. In addition to the diet, the patient must avoid anxiety, hypothermia, stressful situations.
The leading place in the fight against cholelithiasis is a spa treatment. The patient's condition is favorably influenced by measured walks, proper rest, the correct regimen that relieves pain and relieves inflammatory drinking mineral water.
Of the medicines, herbal preparations are rich in anti-inflammatory and laxative ingredients; anti-stone formation bile acids; laxative and choleretic salts.
For the treatment of biliary colic, it is necessary to apply warming compresses and warm heating pads on the liver area. If the patient does not tolerate heat, apply ice.

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