How to decorate a jacket?

So often we want to be original in clothes, but at the same time the question arises of how to do this if all the clothes are sold in many copies. But there is a solution, for example, to decorate a jacket with your own hands, which does not take much time and money. This is how you can make a work of art from the most ordinary sweaters, where everything will be to your taste. Here you can show all your rich imagination and the most secret design abilities. In addition, such a piece of clothing will be the personification of your skill, and you can be proud of it.

Knitted sweater

Speaking about how to decorate a knitted sweater, it is worth noting that here all the ways are good. And there are many materials that will help create a new, original look of everyday clothes.

  • Embroider flowers on the sweater, if it is a normal medium mating Or, for example, you can embroider a whole city, and this jacket will surely be in one copy. Here the main thing is to choose the right colors for embroidery and be extremely careful not to break a single thread on the jacket itself, because in this case the entire knitted jacket will be dissolved.
  • Good ideas would be to sew beads, even large sizes, for example, on the shoulders, which is now very popular in the fashion world.
  • To make the tower with ribbons, which, by the way, would be ideal if the mating of the sweater is wide. Here the main thing is not to overdo it and choose the right size of tape and the appropriate color.
  • Sewing finished applications from felt, which does not create any difficulties at all and will take very little time.
  • As for how to decorate a sweater with beads, then you need to be extremely careful and have patience. You can process the sleeves with beads, since it is small in size, you will have to sew several rows. You can also use beads on the shoulders or make any inscription. But the most interesting thing is to make a whole picture of beads on a sweater. Rhinestones can be used in this way, although we cannot sew them, but their gluing will take much less time and effort. The only problem of rhinestones, is that they quickly fall away, especially during washing, so you have to constantly adjust the picture or inscription.
  • The easiest way of how to decorate a jacket, is in accessories, which, of course, provide any clothes in a new light. This can be a scarf or brooch, as well as beads.But here you can easily make mistakes in the selection of such parts. For example, you can not wear a satin or chiffon scarf under the jacket of a large knit, this combination, at least, will look ridiculous. On the same jacket will not fit and beads. But on a jacket with a little viscous, all of the above, will fit, it remains only to choose the right one in color.

Remember that all you need to think about in advance and it is best to create a certain image in the imagination, or even draw a sketch in order not to spoil the product. After all, for example, flower embroidery may not suit everyone, just like beads.

Now you know how to decorate a jacket. Photos and videos on this topic will not be superfluous, because viewing them will not only convince you that there are no difficulties in this process, but also help you do everything as quickly as possible.

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