How to decorate the house: ideas

Wall decoration

Today, the market has a lot of modern finishing materials, furniture and decor, with which you can decorate the house.
It is possible to freshen and make more interesting plain walls with the help of vinyl decorative stickers. The range is so wide and varied that you can easily find the ones that suit your interior and taste.
Another idea of ​​decorating walls can be homemade or purchased wall panels or decorative compositions. You can make them from anything, for example from photos in frames of different size and shape, arranged in the original order. Photos can be replaced with herbariums, badges, pennants, clocks or just colored squares, reproductions, collages. It all depends on your imagination.
Original shelves, made by hand, can also become a worthy decoration of the interior. For example, shelves in the form of a swing on ropes, old high chairs or stools, pre-painted in bright colors, are hung on the wall.
Another original wall decoration idea that has found a great response today is vertical gardening. It is both fashionable, and beautiful, and eco-friendly. You can make the wall a flowering garden yourself, without resorting to the help of special companies.

Windows and window sills

Wide window sills in your house are able to become the basis for a real workshop of design creativity. Here you can organize a blooming greenhouse to envy the neighbors and guests. Or, if the window sill is located low enough, to build a mini-sofa with soft flooring and throw a few pillows "dumok" on it. This will become not only a favorite place to read, but also for children's games.
Successfully selected curtains are already home decoration. And if you apply a fantasy, you can make a real paradise out of the window. To do this, it is necessary to put an ordinary Christmas garland over the tulle, hang a beautiful pots or a decorative cage with stuffed birds over the window sill.

Ceiling and floor

The ceiling can be not only smooth and white, but also as you wish. This is quite a decent place for additional decoration of the house. Ceiling painting, an unusual beautiful chandelier, festoons, subtle drape of chiffon, resembling sails, will give the room a romantic and unusual look.
On the floor you can lay an unusual carpet, made with your own hands from old T-shirts, felt balls, pieces of jeans, put original floor lamps, vases, padded stools. If you do not want to cover the floor with carpets, you can paint the boards in different colors, use a stencil or cover the floor with several layers of glossy varnish. This will create a very beautiful effect.

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