How to develop plasticity

Sit on the floor, bend your legs at the knees, spread them as far as possible, connect the feet, and move them closer to your groin. While inhaling, stretch the crown upwards, with an exhalation lower the body to the floor, stretch forward with your chest. Close your eyes, imagine that your chest has become very heavy, and your weight literally pulls you down. Try to relax your hips as much as possible, do not round your back. Fix the pose for 3 minutes, then while inhaling, slowly return to the starting position.
Spread your legs apart, pull the socks towards you, place your palms in front of you. While inhaling, stretch upward, with an exhale, lean forward with your chest. Hold this position for 3 minutes. While inhaling, lift the body up, stretch your arms over your head. With the exhale, lower your hands, lie on your back and relax.
Lie on your right side, leaning on both hands. While inhaling, pull your left knee to your chest, grab your left foot with your palm, and pull your leg up, fully extending your knee.Fix the position for 2�3 minutes. Without dropping your legs, roll onto your back, grab your left foot with both hands, and continue to pull your foot toward you. After 2 minutes, inhale, lower your leg to the floor. Roll onto your left side and repeat the exercise.
Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees, place your palms near your shoulders. With a breath, lift your entire body up, straightening your arms and legs. Fix the �bridge� pose for 1 minute, then return to the starting position with an exhalation.

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