How to disassemble the ball valve

You will need
  • - hex key;
  • -pliers;
  • -flat screwdriver;
  • -small hammer.
Turn off the central water supply. Then close the shut-off valves and remove the handle. To do this, carefully loosen the screw with a hexagon.
Pay attention to the threaded connection-ring. Press with a screwdriver on the part of the ring that represents the notch. In order not to push hard with a screwdriver, help the ring to move with light hammer blows. Turn the ring counterclockwise. Do everything very carefully to avoid turning the entire valve, which will damage the hoses under the valve.
Open and remove the chrome dome with pliers. Do not damage the 4-toothed ring, which is located directly under the dome, which, if desired, is adjusted up and down.
Pay attention to the condition of the seal. If it is worn out, then soon when the tap is turned on, water will leak from the ball. Also, inspect the seal for rust.The seal is located inside the ball.
Remove the ball from the tap. Carefully inspect the ball stopper. This hole is oblong in shape, which prevents possible critical rotation of the crane.
Remove the ball valve from the crane. It is removed very simply, in one upward motion. Inspect the ball from the bottom, especially carefully check the condition of the bottom surfaces. In case of damage and significant wear of the metal on the ball around the holes from the bottom, it will be possible to detect traces of chips and mechanical damage.
Inside the valve, also find the sealing springs that are responsible for the operation of the gaskets. If the springs are worn, the gaskets are not tight, which leads to permanent leakage. Black seals are ball seals.

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