How to disassemble the program

You will need
  • - program to view the source code;
  • - Possibly reverse engineering tools and case tools.
Examine the control flow of the program being parsed. Identify the entry point. It, for example, is the main function in C and C ++, the beginning of an unnamed first level structural block, terminated by the END keyword with a dot, in pascal. Starting from the entry point, trace all routes of calls to functions, procedures, methods of classes. Create an aggregate flow control diagram. To simplify this process, you can use various means of reverse engineering. Analyze the source code of the structural elements of the program being analyzed in more detail. Make control flow diagrams or flowcharts of algorithms implemented by individual functions and methods.
Analyze the data flow of the program being parsed. Identify the structures used to store information and transfer it between the functional elements of the application.Identify pieces of code in which data is converted from one form to another. Make a list of places in the program where information is received from the external environment, as well as its output somewhere. When conducting an analysis of this kind, reengineering and case tools will also help (for example, for constructing an inheritance diagram and dependency diagrams).
Disassemblethe program, making a complete picture of the principles of its operation. Based on knowledge of control transfer flows between structural elements, as well as inside them, knowledge of flows and types of data transformations, identify the main algorithms of operation. Separate data processing and interface control algorithms. Among the processing algorithms, select the model, classify them.

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