How to dispose of an old cast-iron bath

You are doing repairs in the bathroom and decided to replace the bath, but are faced with the problem of recycling old plumbing, made of cast iron? There are several options for having an unnecessary bath from home.

How to get rid of an old cast iron bath?

A truly high-quality cast-iron bath weighs no less than one and a half centners, which is why the process of its disconnection and utilization is fraught with certain difficulties. Often, people decide not to replace the bath, but only to update it - for example, using the so-called acrylic liner in the bath or applying a new layer of enamel instead of the old one - darkened and cracked by time. If this option does not suit you, you can get rid of the old cast-iron bath by someone else.
In the newspapers of your city, publishing private ads, you will surely find the coordinates of the companies that deal with the export of bulky waste. As for the bath,it can be taken out even without a material reward on your part - after all, such teams hand over cast iron products to the scrap metal receiving points and get good money for it. All you need to do is to call the phone number specified in the ad, and at any time convenient for you, the pre-disassembled bath will be taken directly from your bathroom.
If for some reason you want to get rid of the plumbing item that has served you faithfully for a long time - for example, you intend to pass it on scrap, it is best to break the bath into several parts. In this case, it will be much easier to take it out of the house. Cover the bath with a durable cloth and swipe it with a sledgehammer, starting near the most vulnerable point - its drain hole. Be careful not to injure yourself, and in no case turn the bath upside down until you break it, so that your floor and the ceiling of your neighbors are not damaged.

The second life of an old cast-iron bath

An old bathtub can be used as a flower bed or even an improvised pond in a private plot belonging to you or your friends.To do this, you need to bury it in the ground - and if you decide that the bath will play the role of a pond, you should dig it deep enough. Place bricks in the corners of a dug pit - they are needed to make your structure more sustainable. If you make a small pond, lay it out with a bottom and fill it with water; if a flower bed, pour into the bath a sufficient amount of fertile soil.
When using a cast-iron bath as part of the landscape of your backyard, keep in mind that various marginal personalities can steal it and pass it on to scrap. As you understand, in this case all your efforts to transport and install a heavy cast-iron plumbing object will be in vain. If you are not the owner of a carefully guarded holiday plot, consider in advance whether you need your old bath as an element of its design.

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