How to distribute advertising in 2018

To organize the distribution of advertising through the mailing, you need to decide what goals you are pursuing. If you tell about your product or service to the largest possible number of potential consumers, you can use the addressless mailing. This method is more economical, compared with the mailing address.
In order to carry out addressless distribution of promotional materials, you need to determine the audience that the promoted product may be interested. To do this, it is necessary to conduct a marketing research to identify a circle of potential consumers.
Then, when the audience and coverage will be calculated, you can do the preparation of promotional materials. The brighter and more colorful the leaflet, the sooner it will attract attention. Although this, of course, slightly increase its value.
The next step is to find a company - contractor that provides services for the distribution of promotional materials in mailboxes.If you are planning a large-scale advertising campaign, then you can arrange a tender for its implementation. Then you can choose a company that will distribute promotional materials for the most optimal cost.
To convey information to a certain range of existing customers, or to reach a specific audience, you can use the mailing list. If there is already a ready-made customer base - great. It can simply provide the organization - the contractor, along with promotional materials.
If there is no ready base for the dissemination of advertising, it will be necessary to obtain the addresses of consumers on their own. To do this, you can organize a survey with the drawing of memorable prizes. If you place a questionnaire on the company's website, then data collection will go faster.
Then the address base is transferred to the company - the contractor to clarify and confirm the correctness of the information. After that, promotional products are displayed on personalized envelopes and transferred to the courier service. On average, the letter reaches the addressee in 2-4 days. If there are nonresident consumers, the delivery time, respectively, will increase.
In addition to address and addressless mailing in the hallways, in the preparation of a marketing plan, consider ways to distribute advertisements, such as sending information via SMS and e-mail. These methods are also quite effective and allow you to convey information to each specific consumer personally.

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