How to distribute Wi-Fi from your phone

Do not give up and do not rush to prepare an apology to a friend for the inability to help him, because your smartphone can help you! Yes, yes, you can distribute "free Wi-fi" not only with a laptop. Yourphonecan be a great router. To start sharing with a friend (or neighbor) of precious kilobits, you need to first set up the phone for this feature.

Go to Settings. Select the "Wireless Network Connections" section. Scroll down and select the "More" option. Look for the function "Wi-firouterand USB modem "and select it (in some phones it can be caught immediately in the section" Wireless Network Connections ", without additional search).

Now you need to set the parameters of the router. SSID is your namewai-fay(name of the router), it can be specified in any English letters and numbers. WPA security is not touched and left as is. Now we set the password of eight characters in English letters and numbers.

Almost finished, it remains only to run our "mobile Wi-Fi".To do this, check the box next to "Mobile Wi-fi router" or "Wi-fi access point". You will be highlighted tips onconnecting- just click "OK". In the notifications on your phone, an icon will appear that indicates that the router is running.

See how everything turns out to be simple. Now you can give the password to your friend to connect to your "mobilerouter ".

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