How to do makeup brunette

You will need
  • - makeup base;
  • - powder;
  • - blush;
  • - shadows;
  • - mascara;
  • - lipstick.
Optionmake upfor brunettes with light eyes. Before applying cosmetics, clean and moisturize your face. In the middle of the forehead, chin and cheeks, apply a little foundation under makeup and spread it in a circular motion over the entire surface. As soon as the base is absorbed, start applying powder, it should be of dark shades. The direction of movement start from the chin line to the forehead and cheeks. The nasal area is treated last. Excess powder can be removed with a small soft brush.
Blend a little purple or pink blush on the cheekbones. Fatty blush should be applied with a sponge, and dry - with a special brush. Be sure to follow the amount of blush applied, otherwise, if you overdo it, your face will look unnatural.
Start applying shadows. This is best done using an applicator, but you can also use a special wet sponge.Experiment with different color combinations, the main thing is to carefully shade the shadows and make sure that the transition from one shade to another is smooth. Try the following option: at the outer corner of the eye, apply gray shadows, and the inner corner - lilac.
Paint the eyelashes with mascara and move the lower eyelid with a black pencil. If you use lenses, insert them before applying mascara. This will allow the paint not to get dirty and not accidentally get under the lenses. Remove excess paint with a special brush for eyelashes.
Lip up with lilac-pink lipstick. To make lipstick last longer, lightly powder your lips before applying it. If desired, you can circle the lips with a contour pencil.
Optionmake upfor dark-eyed brunettes. After cleansing the skin and applying a make-up base, use a yellowish-orange powder. This will achieve you peach skin tone. Under the cheekbones blend a little brown blush. But do not overdo it, otherwise you will get a “mask effect”.
Proceed to the application of shadows. At the inner corner of the eye - pink shadows, the outer - brown.Cover the upper eyelid with green shadows, and lower the lower pencil in green.
Use brown or black mascara, and lipstick is best to pick a bright shade.

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