How to do your bit for the environment

Plastic. This material has tightly entered our lives and today it is difficult to imagine an area in which plastic would not be used. However, the abundance of plastic in everyday life, in the ordinary daily life of a person adversely affects both the health of each individual and the health of our planet, worsening the already not too optimistic ecological situation. What can be done? Get a nice cloth shopping bag. This accessory can be sewn with your own hands or to order in a sewing studio. A shopping bag can perfectly complement an image and become an exquisite and, most importantly, harmless alternative to non-aesthetic plastic bags that we bring to our homes almost daily with products, household chemicals and other goods. In addition, it will be useful for the family budget, especially if this budget is small, since a plastic bag must be paid for, while a shopping bag will last a long time and can be used more than once.
You can refuse the plastic disposable tableware, which is taken to take with you on a picnic. Instead of such dishes, use good old metal bowls and mugs, spoons and forks. They can be used many times, since, unlike plastic dishes, toxic substances are not emitted when reused. This way you can take care of your health, while reducing the amount of plastic debris.
People from developed European countries are actively promoting the use of plastic utensils in everyday life: for table setting and for baby food, arguing that glassware tends to beat. However, saving on your health, your loved ones, the health of your children is at least not reasonable. None of the ordinary people will be able to say with certainty that the interaction of plastic with hot or acidic foods does not produce a chemical reaction, as a result of which toxic substances can be emitted, just like none of the ordinary people, it is not known whether the quality label on the plastic container guarantees safety. Glass, stainless steel and porcelain have proven their practicality and safety for decades.
Garbage.Unfortunately, not all utilities supply garbage collection points with garbage containers of different materials. Look, if there are such containers in your city, be sure to sort the garbage: plastic separately, paper separately, glass separately, food waste separately.
In addition, it is very simple for every person to make our planet cleaner, to protect the environment from pollution. It is enough to bring a candy wrapper, a paper napkin and so on to the nearest urn.
Disposal of batteries and household appliances. Each time, opening the packaging of batteries (in the people, batteries) or a box with household appliances, we see a warning icon or an inscription indicating that these goods are not recyclable with general household waste. Find a point of acceptance for recycling household appliances and batteries in your city or contact any home appliances store where you may be secretly accepting such goods.
Smoking. A young man made a remark to a couple smoking at a bus stop in the presence of his pregnant wife. The young people looked at the man in bewilderment, saying that they were not going to litter, but would throw cigarette butts in the urn.It never occurred to them that cigarette smoke poisons the air, penetrates into the lungs of people around, including those who are particularly in need of care and protection: children, pregnant women, which adversely affects the environment and health not only smokers, but also those who are not lucky enough to be close to the smoking subject. Smokers flooded public places: streets, house entrances, high-rise courtyards, playgrounds, alleys and parks, bus stops. If you are a smoker and have never thought about how your habit affects the environment, think and give up cigarettes.
Gardeners, gardeners. Every autumn, tons of fallen leaves are pounded, gathered in huge piles and small heaps, set on fire and burned. Smoke poisons the environment, and, in addition, valuable raw materials for fertilizing the soil are wasted. It is much better to leave the fallen leaves to rot over until spring, and in the spring to organize a compost pit on your summer cottage or backyard plot, where to send the remains of the last year’s fallen leaves.
Towels and napkins. Use cloth towels and napkins instead of paper.It is both aesthetically pleasing, and practical, and for the environment and health benefits.
Household chemicals. It’s hard to believe, but the most common mustard powder copes with pollution in the kitchen, ranging from dishes to kitchen towels, which is much better than any modern synthetic detergent. It removes grease, disinfects dishes, perfectly washes kitchen towels. Regular table salt copes well with washing, although it is necessary to make war with serious pollution, but salt copes with ordinary washing easily.
Food. If you are still not a vegetarian, arrange vegetarian days for your family once a week or several times a month. This will not solve the problem of water on Earth, but will significantly reduce its consumption, since a high percentage of drinking water consumption falls to the needs of animal husbandry. Buy and cook just as much food as you can eat. Do not throw away food. Resources are spent on food production, if we cook economically, then resources will be spent more wisely.
To preserve the supply of drinking water on Earth, simply close the tap on time.Not because of the counter, but in order not to waste the resource. When not using water, turn off the tap: while brushing your teeth or soaping your body in the shower, for example.
Collect bread crumbs. Just sweep them not into the bin, but into a glass or jar. For this purpose, you can take the glasses from the shop sour cream. In winter and spring, you can feed these crumbs of birds. Go for a walk with your child and take this glass with crumbs with you. Pour a little into the feeders and throw a flock of pigeons or sparrows.
As you can see, to contribute to the protection of the environment is not so difficult. And it is not necessary to participate in pickets, sign petitions, change from a car to a bicycle, just think a little and adjust your lifestyle and habits.

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