How to draw a cat with a pencil?

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How to draw a cat with a pencil?

A cat is a very graceful and graceful animal, which is often depicted in various paintings, souvenirs, etc. In this article we will discuss how to draw a cat in pencil in stages.

Drawing a cat

  1. CatThe first thing to start with is page markup. This will help in the future to keep the proportions and organize the space on the sheet correctly. At the first stage, it will suffice to draw an oval (this body) and a circle (this is the head).
  2. From the oval draw paws. The hind foot forms a semi-circle and a small tip of the foot. The front foot looks like a curved line, which at the end represents something like a loop. The upper part of the oval smoothly connect with the circle.
  3. In the circle draw a cross, which is slightly offset from the center to the left.
  4. In the next step, draw the ears and tail. Tail do quite long. It should end at the level of the cat's head.
  5. Now let's face. Will draw her in place of the cross.At the level of the horizontal line we draw the eyes, parallel to the vertical dash - the nose, in the lower half of the head - the mouth.
  6. To make the cat look more realistic, all smooth lines are accompanied by strokes that will imitate wool.
  7. We remove all marking lines and draft strokes that do not make up the general outline of the animal.
  8. We draw cat's fur all over the body, and not just along the contour.
  9. At the final stage impose shadows.

Other instructions for drawing a cat are presented in the article: How to draw a cat.

In the figure of a cat, you can draw kittens on the same principle. It is only important to calculate the proportions correctly.

Draw a cat

  1. Kota begin to draw all the same with the contours. One circle will create a head shape, the second circle is intended for the chest, the third circle is the outline of the back thigh. From the second circle down go two straight lines.
  2. Around these circles are starting to draw the contour of the cat. From above we draw ears, between the first and second circle - a neck, between the second and third circle - a back, below the lines there will be paws.
  3. Now smoothly connect all the lines.
  4. Draw a muzzle so that its outlines extend beyond the boundaries of the first circle.
  5. Remove the markup lines and start drawing the details of our cat.
  6. At the last stage, you can color the cat by drawing strips on wool with a simple pencil.

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