How to dress in spring?

Few can disagree that spring is the most wonderful time of the year! Gray clouds appear less often in the sky, and the sun is more and more pleasing to the eye, as well as calling for them to remove themselves from the extra layer, which is already in order for the long winter, clumsy clothes. However, this should not be rushed too much, because the winter sun hardly warms you better than a warm sweater or coat.

How to dress in spring women?

First, do not rush to undress. If you are so eager to put on a thin beautiful blouse or blouse that you bought in the winter, do not forget to take something warm with you (for example, a sweater or a shawl) for the evening. And if your working day starts from the very early morning, then you can advise to wear "layers" - you can put on a thin thing easily removed cardigan with buttons or zippers, so that you do not have to comb your hair again. I would also like to note that you should not immediately go for thin nylon tights - you will still have time to show off your legs later in the spring. At the beginning of the season, it is still worth being prudent and wearing stockings of sufficient density.An alternative too warm, wool, can serve as cotton products, which are great for the off-season.

How to dress men in spring?

Men, it should be noted, are very sensitive to a sharp change in temperature, and do not tolerate the discomfort caused by clothing. That is why, they are among the first to rush to leave a turtleneck or a sweater with a throat at home. The result is an unpleasant cough or runny nose. Spring is a time when it is still necessary to wear a scarf, even if it is not wool, but of knitwear or silk. The scarf can be removed anywhere and anytime, as soon as you feel that it has become warmer. You should also pay attention to the jacket with a hood or high collar, which does not allow the characteristic winds of spring, to overcool you.

How to dress in spring teens?

You should certainly check and explain how to dress in spring for adolescents. Impulsive and mobile - they strive to throw off embarrassing clothes as quickly as possible, thereby risking to catch a cold. The solution to this problem can be a jacket made of leather, which is not too voluminous and does not hinder movement, but at the same time it warms and prevents wet in wet weather.Of course, it may seem that leather is quite an expensive acquisition for an ever-growing teenager, however, it should be noted that the “range” of socks of this kind of thing can fluctuate up to 3 sizes, so that your child will be warmed at least 3 seasons. It is also a good idea to make sure that a knitted hat was available in a briefcase or backpack, in case of a sudden drop in temperature.

How to dress in the spring of the smallest?

Of course, the most difficult is the question - how to dress in spring for children. First of all, off-season clothes for babies should be made from natural fabrics. During rainy weather, rubber boots can be worn on the baby. Of course, the socks should be either cotton or woolen, depending on the temperature outside. However, in any case, it is worth avoiding a long stay of babies in things made of rubber, so for fairly long hikes, it is better to choose shoes for the baby from leather, which also will not let the legs get wet, while allowing the skin to breathe.

Going for a walk, do not forget to take a raincoat or a jacket with a hood, because the rains in the spring begin suddenly and may take by surprise.A very small baby needs to wear mittens and a hat made of cloth, as it can be hot in woolen clothes and the baby can get wet and catch a cold.

And, of course, on the eve of the bright sky and the warm sun, paint in clothes will help to create an excellent positive mood. Colored raincoats, jackets, rubber boots, scarves, bags, gloves can all be colored and put together in a variety of ways, especially since today's fashion trends allow you to mix several colors in one set at a time. If you are not very sure that you can correctly combine very bright colors, start with pastel shades that do not argue with each other. Look at nature finally - colors that it sometimes combines in one flower can become a better teacher than the most popular fashion magazine.

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