How to feel like a woman

Distribute household chores in such a way that it takes no more than 2 hours on them during the whole day. For this, it is best to have a special notebook or create a separate table in Excel on a computer. Write down what and what day you should do around the house. Monday - wash the floors and wipe the dust, Tuesday - wash and vacuum, etc. At the same time, distribute everything in such a way that your weekend remains completely free and you can devote them to yourself.
Divide your life into blocks. They should consist of the following components: husband, children, work, hobby, etc. Divide each day into blocks, for example, 9.00-18.00 - work in the office, 18.00-21.00 - do children, 21.00-23.00 - completely dissolve in communication with your husband. Having thus drawn up a plan for each day, your loved ones will never be deprived of attention.
Indulge yourself. Without this it is impossible, because otherwise you will not feel the taste of life. Make yourself pleasant in the morning and evening. It can be quite trivial things: a cup of coffee with a delicious cake, a contrast shower, an aromatic bath, good comedy or pleasant music.Having made yourself pleasant in the morning, you will set a good mood for the whole day, and in the evening you will relax from hectic business and relax before bedtime.
Make a plan to care for yourself. Once a month, plan a trip to a beauty salon to dye and shave your hair. Update your manicure every week. Pedicure once a month. Take care of your face twice a day. Excrete a couple of hours a week to thoroughly clean the skin.
Update regularly your wardrobe. No need to keep things in your closet for several years, fashion changes, and you have to keep up with the times. Regularly go to the shops, consider the proposed product, pay attention to how dressed mannequins. If you do not have a refined taste, feel free to contact the sales consultants, who will always help you with the choice of clothes.

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