How to find equity

The easiest way to find capital, and a rather big one, is to look at what you have and what you do not need at the moment. This may be a summer house to which you, for lack of time, come from strength twice a year and in which no one lives. Rent it out for the summer: depending on the state of your dacha, you can get from 60,000 rubles for it. In a similar way it can turn out both with the car, and with other property. If you almost do not drive your old car, it is better to sell it and get at least the same 60,000 rubles or more.
In some situations, it happens that you need not a certain capital (ie, a fixed amount), but the ability to periodically give any amount. This is especially true for those who pay for their studies, loans, etc. This will help rational savings. Learn to record your income and expenses, analyze how much money you usually spend in a week (month), which of the expenses is really important and what is not, think about whether it is possible to buy something necessary that is cheaper.There are a lot of ways to save money without much damage to the standard of living: this includes buying products in large, inexpensive supermarkets, using various kinds of discounts and coupons, and much more. Making sure that you can actually provide yourself with about the same standard of living for less money, you can save at least small amounts that may help you achieve your goals.
If the above methods do not work, you can always resort to using banks. Of course, a loan is not the best way out in this situation, because before you take it, you need to be sure that you can pay it back. However, in any case, look at the sites of banks, ask what loan programs they offer. Consumer loans are issued by almost all banks, certain difficulties can be experienced only with educational loans or business loans.
Those who need capital for business development may try to find an investor. For this, of course, it is necessary that your business idea is really bright and extraordinary and guarantees income.As a rule, small business is looking for investors either through friends or in forums and meetings organized for these purposes. In this case, the main thing is to enlist a competent business plan and successfully present it, because it is through the business plan that the investor will get acquainted with your project.

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