How to get parent capital in cash

For eight years, there has been a state program in Russia, under which young families are provided with financial assistance. Participate in the program can families in which the second child was born. Let's figure out how to get the parent capital in cash.

As part of the program, the happy family receives a certificate for a bag, which is increasing annually due to rising inflation. Previously, it was 360 thousand, now it is equal to 450 thousand (at the time of this writing - 2015).

By law, a family can spend money in several ways. Consider them in detail.

  1. Life improvement. A family that has received a certificate can use it for the construction or purchase of housing, for a quick repayment of the loan.
  2. Teaching children. A family with a certificate can pay for the education of children in domestic educational institutions.This is good, because the cost of educational services can not be called democratic.
  3. Increase in funded pension. Funds can be placed in the pension fund of the Russian Federation of a state and non-state nature.
  4. Everyday needs. By law, every family that has the right to maternity capital can withdraw a portion of the money for the needs that it faces daily. The maximum amount of cash withdrawn does not exceed 12 thousand rubles.

I note that it is impossible to get state aid in cash. The legislation does not provide for such a possibility. In this way, the state protects citizens from fraud. The right to monetary assistance from the state is given once. For this reason, consider in advance how to manage your money.

How to use maternity capital to buy a home

A young family with kids to buy housing is problematic. Fortunately, maternity capital helps. The money provided by the state is allowed to spend on the purchase or construction of residential real estate.

If at the moment of the birth of the second child the family has a mortgage loan, the part is allowed to pay off the parent capital.Contact a credit institution with a certificate and a statement. Representatives of the pension fund will ask for a number of bank documents confirming the receipt of the loan and the unpaid balance. Only after the provision of securities, the funds will be transferred to the borrower.

Maternity is capital of a family nature. Therefore, if you use the funds, you will have to arrange shares for the purchased real estate on children. The law does not determine the size of the shares, so they can be symbolic.

In order to obtain a mortgage, in addition to documents, a certificate is required to confirm the right to receive state aid. Do not forget, if by this time you spend at least a small part of the funds, you will not be able to use the certificate during the loan, as the bank refuses the loan.

The bank will analyze family income, determine the loan amount and interest rate. To the loan funds will add capital funds. Remember, a certificate is not money, it permits to use them. The fund will transfer them after registration of the real estate.

If you decide to allow state aid to pay the down payment, you will have to get two loans from the bank.We are talking about borrowed funds, which are calculated based on the term of the loan and the size of the contribution. On your shoulders will fall a loan, the amount of which corresponds to the size of the parent capital. Until the representatives of the pension fund repay the loan, they will have to pay interest.

Banks enter into loan agreements with a fee repaid by capital funds at a higher interest. As a result, capital funds go to pay an inflated interest rate. It is better to pay the deposit with your own money, and to repay part of the loan through a certificate.

How to issue maternity capital for a second child

Maternity capital is a very effective tool of material support for families used by the Russian authorities. The issuance of this type of state assistance is carried out in the territory of the country according to the rules established by law.

It is noteworthy that it is impossible to cash out funds from a bank account. Costs are made in a cashless format on the basis of concluded contracts. This means that the family will not be able to spend the maternity capital for other purposes. At the same time, the mother can earn maternity leave with her dad.

Each Russian family can receive the submitted certificate if it fulfills the conditions. Among them:

  1. The appearance of the child in the family after the launch of the program.
  2. The family did not receive government assistance.
  3. Parents or persons adopting a child have no criminal record for crimes committed against children.
  4. Parents are citizens of Russia.

Maternal capital is periodically indexed. When the government launched the program, the amount of assistance was 250 thousand. Now she has doubled. As a result, the family gets access to a large amount that helps improve life or educate a child.

The basis for receiving payments is the appearance of a second child in the family. I'll tell you who is applying for payments and what to do for this.

  • Women who have given birth or adopted a second child, who have not previously issued state aid.
  • Men - parents or adoptive parents of the second child, who did not have time to exercise the right to receive a certificate.
  • A variety of state aid is also available to persons who have received parental rights, for example, if the mother of the child has died, lost her parental rights or committed a crime.

To get a certificate, look at the pension fund with a statement, passport, baby's birth certificate and proof of citizenship.After a month, visit the PF branch again and get a certificate and open an account in an accredited bank. If you meet the conditions and learn to save, improve living conditions.

Maternity capital for building a house on your own

Maternal capital represents government financial assistance. He helps a young family with children to improve the quality of life, to ensure a good existence.

Investing in the construction of a small cottage or private house - one of the options for the distribution of benefits.

  1. It is allowed to distribute and withdraw finances from state benefits only after the child reaches three years of age. Then you can spend money to buy land and building materials, to prepare the site for construction.
  2. If you start building a house after the law enters into force, but before making allowances, the funds received can be used to cover the costs. Maternal capital can be used to offset early expenses.
  3. I recommend that you carefully study the terms of the transactions, since scammers who offer to cash out are not asleep. Such actions are prohibited by law and punished.
  4. If construction began after the child reaches the above-mentioned age, and funds are going to be spent on construction costs, be sure to consider a number of factors.
  5. The money allocated by the fund is transferred to the bank account in stages. The first half comes in a few weeks, and the second half is charged in six months. This time is enough to build a foundation with walls and a roof.
  6. Then provide documentation to the appropriate authority. After consideration, representatives of the foundation will decide on the issuance of the remaining funds for construction. If the answer is satisfactory, proceed with construction at the expense of the received payments.
  7. First of all, make a statement on the distribution of maternity capital. The success of the event depends on the document.
  8. Provide a copy of the document confirming the ownership of the site on which the construction is carried out to the state agency. Permits for construction work will also be required.

I tried to set out the information as accurately as possible. Consultation of an expert regarding the correct execution of documents and the timing of actions registration will not hurt. In general, the procedure is long, but the result is worth it.

Latest Maternity News

In conclusion, I will share the good news regarding maternity capital. Deposit - the easiest way to increase money.

State Duma deputies are considering a bill designed to expand the possibilities of using government payments. One of the points provides for the use of money from the parent capital for opening a bank deposit. As a result, a family that has obtained the right to a certificate will be able to receive interest.

For banking organizations will create a procedure focused on working with the parent capital, the essence of which is to comply with the rules. The rules will determine the interest rate, the term of the deposit agreement and the procedure for withdrawing dividends.

The authors of the bill believe that this approach minimizes the number of cases where citizens illegally cash out maternity capital. Such services are offered by fraudsters who want to take possession of cash.

Today, state aid is allowed to spend on certain needs: improvement of life, education of children, accumulation of pensions. Not every prosperous family needs to pay for education or to improve life, and everyone needs money for everyday needs.Dividends received from the deposit, will partially solve the problem. People will be able to buy goods, monitor health and rest.

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I shared the information about getting maternity capital in cash. If you have a child or plan to start it, the information will be useful.

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