How to get rid of acne and red spots after them

We start by getting rid ofacne. There are many reasons for acne - hormonal problems and poor nutrition. You obviously should visit an endocrinologist who will check your blood for the ratio of male and female hormones, and in case of any abnormalities, prescribe a corrective treatment. But the daily menu is your complete responsibility. The diet should contain both carbohydrates and proteins, as well as a variety of vitamins - especially important are the B vitamins and vitamin C. They provide elasticity, freshness of the skin and beautiful complexion. Eat citrus fruits, broccoli, nuts, give up sweets and soda - the result will be noticeable very soon.
Drink water. Water not only ejects toxins from your body, which causeacne(after all, the skin is one of the main excretory organs!), but it also provides timely and fast regeneration - micro wounds and inflammations will heal much faster.
Do not touch your face with your hands, do not press on acne and do not scratch the formed crusts - since transferring a large number of germs from your hands, you only aggravate the situation, and non-healing wounds leadafterwardsto the formation of scars.
Exfoliate your skin - buy a soft cloth and use it every day. It is better if it contains natural extracts (for example, roses or chamomile). Exfoliate promotes active renewal and regeneration of the skin, as well as relieves it from deep impurities, which are the causeacneIn most cases.
Make masks - for example, well-proven masks made of clay (black, white or green) not only reduce inflammation, but also promote healing of acne marks and skin renewal.

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