How to get rid of enlarged pores on the face

Use the most effective salon procedure that can narrowpores- microdermabrasion. After 2-3 sessions, during which a special scrub with tiny hard particles is applied to the skin, an optimal result can be achieved. Reduceporeschemical peels are also capable, in particular, TCA peels, suitable even for people with sensitive skin. The active substance - trichloroacetic acid - penetrates deep into the skin and removes dead cells, which are replaced by new ones. The composition of glycolic peeling includes trypsin, papain and bromelain, which dissolve the contents of the pores and promote skin smoothing. By resorting to a procedure such as cryotherapy, you can reduce sebum production and get rid of acne. Cryomassage will also be useful. In the treatment of enlarged pores will be very effective and laser cleaning.
Narrow downporesonthe facehome remedies will help folk remedies. Tablespoon of ground almonds pour 50 milliliters of hot herbal decoction consisting of pine, elderberry, linden and pharmaceutical chamomile flowers. Add a teaspoon of flour and half a teaspoon of honey, stir the resulting mass. Apply the mixture on your face, wash it off with cold water in half an hour. For normal and dry skin, a knitting mask will do. Brew in 100 milliliters of hot water a tablespoon of linden flowers. Putting the mixture on a low heat, heat it to a thick mass. Apply the cooled mass to the skin, after 20 minutes, remove with a cotton swab and wash your face with cool water. Try rubbing your face with ice cubes. This method of narrowing the pores is not for everyone, if youthe faceThere are capillary nets, discard it.
For daily skin cleansing and narrowing of pores, use cosmetics containing essential oils and extracts of chamomile, basil, aloe, lemon, toffee, grapefruit, orange and clove. For deep cleansing, use scrubs, the smallest granules that improve blood circulation and cleanporesfrom dead cells.After cleansing the pores, they must be closed using special lotions and tonics that contain astringent components: extracts of birch, lemon, rosemary, hawthorn and calendula. Zinc oxide in the composition of such funds helps to narrowporesand remove excess sebum.

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