How to get rid of moths?

What to do if a guest unpleasant for us settled in the house, and so will adjust to eat the most beautiful sweaters, fur coats, skirts, vests and other wool dainty that fills our wardrobe? And sometimes she doesn't even mind to try the foods we eat! To learn how to get rid of the moth and permanently send it out of your home, you should familiarize yourself with its species. But in order to protect your home you do not need to know them all.

Do you have a mole, how to get rid of?

It is enough to remember that there are two large groups of moles:

  1. Clothes moth. As a rule, it is a small flying butterfly of a dull gray color. With the emergence of such a butterfly in the apartment, there is a threat to all woolen things, furniture upholstery, carpets, furs, leather, bristles and even bookbinding. And especially to her taste particles of mold, which are formed in things with poor ventilation in the room. But it is worth remembering that the butterfly itself does not harm. She only lays eggs, but the hatching larvae are already engaged in eating textiles.
  2. Food moth. As a rule, this mole is also gray, but it no longer lives in the room, but directly closer to all kinds of cereals - in kitchen cabinets. Especially favorable for her warm and humid room with poor ventilation. The food moth loves to enjoy flour, buckwheat, oatmeal and other varieties of grain crops. It is also harmless, as is the butterfly of the clothes moth, and the food is eaten by the larvae, which it sets aside. The larvae of the food moth look like yellow-white worms with a dark head. The food moth retains its activity year round.

How to get rid of clothes moth: recommendations

  • Air things and apartment. Keep things in cabinets clean and dry only. Since the moth begins to eat clothes from dirty and sweaty stains, do not forget about washing.
  • Winter clothes should be ventilated, dried, and only then packed in plastic bags for storage. It is advisable to wrap small woolen things in regular newspapers and cram crumpled newspapers along sleeves and pockets. This method works because the mole does not tolerate printing ink.
  • Also, industrial fungicidal and antimolar agents will help get rid of clothes moths. Removing clothes for storage, use a tight case with an anti-mole preparation. Before packing, be sure to shake them, thus removing the larvae of the moths, which are usually loosely attached.
  • Remember that those things that are constantly worn, can not be damaged by moths, as it does not tolerate bright sunlight and fresh air.
  • Today, the most effective drug that will help get rid of the moth is a briquette with naphthalene and camphor (4: 1). Such briquettes should be laid out in the upper part of the wardrobe. The vapors of this mixture will prevent the larvae from depositing.
  • Antimol plates are less heavy in their concentration, but not nearly inferior in efficiency. The plates do not have a specific unpleasant odor, and destroying the moths with the larvae also frighten the skinned and carpet bugs. Such a plate will operate for six months.
  • Do not forget to handle things struck by moths with dichlorvos. Dichlorvos is considered one of the most effective means of moth caterpillars.

Mole in the kitchen.How to get rid of food moth: ways

  • If you have a mole in the kitchen, but how to get rid of, you still do not know, then the first thing to do is to destroy the spoiled products and treat kitchen cabinets with soap and vinegar solution. Dispose of contaminated products without regret.

  • To get rid of the moth in the kitchen and prevent its appearance, will help frequent airing of the room.
  • All supplies should be stored in glass, well-closed jars.
  • When the food moth appears, special preparations that act by attracting the mole by the smell of males will also help to get rid of them, thereby gluing them to the sticky surface. Thus, it is possible to prevent further reproduction of the moth. Such a trap can last up to 8 weeks.
  • To repulse the appetite of the food moth, you should put a few cloves of garlic in a jar of flour, and on the shelf where the cereals are stored it is advisable to place the bags of pepper. This method is also effective and will help get rid of the moth in the kitchen.
  • Try to look at croup stocks as often as possible to prevent moths.
  • Folk remedies will help to get rid of food moths.It is only necessary to place fragrant bags of dry lavender in the cabinets. You can also put a cotton swab soaked in fir or lavender essential oil. Since the mole does not perceive the smell of tobacco, pepper, strawberry soap or orange peel, you can use them, which will soon help you get rid of the moth.
  • Get geraniums or coleus on the windowsill - they will protect you forever from moth butterflies.
  • One of the best options for the food moth does not appear, and did not have to get rid of it, is to store all bulk supplies in the refrigerator.

Thus, regularly checking food or clothing, as well as acting in a timely manner for the purpose of prevention, you can protect your home from such unpleasant guests as moths and get rid of it forever. The main thing is to follow our recommendations, and you will be able to not only eliminate the problem itself, but also prevent its occurrence.

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