How to go to bed early?

Andrey Kim
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How to go to bed early?

Social networks, cable TV and other opportunities for entertainment and communication do not leave the modern man the chance to go to bed on time. However, healthy sleep is the key to a successful and productive day, and therefore you need to go to bed at least a couple of times a week.

In this article we will give a number of tips on how to go to bed on time.

Not a deal with conscience, but a plan

The first thing to do is to promise yourself that, say, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, you will go to bed earlier than usual, set a specific time for sleep and include this item in the schedule of the day. If you understand that you can�t sleep peacefully without traditional climbing across the global network, also include time for this procedure in your daily routine, and then your words �Today will be early� will not be just another empty promise, but a specific and quite feasible item of the plan .

Preparation for sleep

A person needs time to get ready for bed.So, if your plan is sleep at 10:30 pm, it means that at 9:30 pm you have to turn off the TV, close the browser, all social networks and other external stimuli. For an hour, you can safely prepare not only for bed - wash your face, brush your teeth, perform other cosmetic procedures, but also for a working or school day - collect a bag, lunch, etc.

Evening without coffee

Even if you really like coffee, during dinner it is worth giving up, because caffeine, as you know, excites the human neurological system, which means that problems can arise with fast falling asleep.

Well, we hope these tips will help you overcome yourself, lie down early and meet the morning with a smile.

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