How to grow Chinese cabbage

Buy Beijing cabbage seeds at a specialty store. It comes in several varieties, so choose the one you like best. If in doubt, consult with the seller. In principle, it has approximately the same taste, regardless of shape, color, size or grade.
Enrich the soil with mineral supplements that contain nitrogen. On depleted lands, cabbage will grow badly. If you want to get an early harvest, first sow the seeds in a box or in peat pots. For this purpose, it is desirable to use the purchased soil intended for vegetable crops.
Dig shallow holes at a distance of 30x25 cm - about 12-15 plants should fit on one square meter. It is not necessary to plant more often, otherwise the heads of cabbages will grow much less, because they will not have enough space and nutrients.
If you have a very soft soil, lay a regular napkin in each well, and put a few seeds on it.Sprinkle with soil 2-3 cm and gently pour. When planting seedlings that you grow at home, you need to ensure that the root system is not damaged.
Water the planting daily. A seedling several times - in the morning and in the evening, so that it quickly got accustomed. In about 25-40 days you will receive a harvest. For storage, dig heads with the root and place them in a cool place.

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