How to grow indoor jasmine?

If you do not imagine your life without a fragrant green tea with jasmine, then why do not you grow on your windowsill a small greenhouse of these evergreen shrubs? In addition, the plant will delight you with beautiful flowers and spread around the room a pleasant rich aroma.

In total, there are about 198 species of jasmine in the wild, and only two of them can grow at home: these are sambac and holo-color. Due to the long flowering period and fairly unpretentious care, this plant appealed to many room-flora lovers. Another advantage of the bush is its long stems, so jasmine is often purchased as an ampel plant and beautifully entangled by small arches.

Create the necessary conditions

In order for the shrub to give its inflorescences every year and grow greens well, it is necessary to adhere to certain and simple rules of cultivation:

  1. Location Jasmine has a rich aroma, so it is not advisable to place it near the bed, otherwise in the morning you will wake up with a headache.It is best to put a flowerpot with a flower in a large living room at home. A conference room, lobby or reception room of any establishment will also do.
  2. Lighting. For a plant that has come to us from the subtropics, the best place is where there is a lot of light. But you should not forget about direct sunlight, destructive for this culture.
  3. Temperature mode. The flower grows well in indoor conditions in the cool season and summer. In winter, if the room is dry and the temperature rises above 24 degrees, additional foliar spraying is necessary. On summer days, the moistening of the greenery of the shrub should be done daily. Also, a flowerpot with a flower can be taken out into the open air. In addition, it is good to do airing the room, but do not forget that jasmine does not endure a draft.
  4. Priming. Ready-made soil mixture for flowering plants is purchased in the store, and you can cook yourself. To do this, take one part of the sand, clay-sod and leaf land. But it is worth remembering that this shrub grows poorly on neutral and alkaline soils.
  5. Watering. Jasmine loves moisture, so you can not allow the drying of the soil. But excessively moisturize is also not worth it, otherwise the roots will rot.In the spring and autumn period, watering is carried out three times within 7-8 days. In winter, the flower is irrigated every 4-5 days, waiting for the top of the earth to dry out. For irrigation it is necessary to take only standing water.
  6. Mulching. To prevent the land in the pot from drying out quickly, add wood chips, shells or small stones. This reduces the amount of watering and prevents the roots of the plant from rotting.
  7. Crop. In order for the shrub to grow lush and bloom well, annual pruning is done, which is most often carried out at the end of February or in early March. Weak shoots shorten to the middle, and strong - less than a third. Half of the young short twigs pinch, forming a flower in the form of liana, entangling any support. Stems neatly tied with a thin rope, merging with the color of the arch.

"Fertilizers are all over the head"

Feed room jasmine start 2-3 months after planting during the period of active growth - with the arrival of spring and until the end of summer. Mineral and organic fertilizers are alternately added to the soil not more than twice a month. In the autumn it is enough to carry out one top-dressing for 30 days with complex mixtures. In winter, only watering and spraying.

Protecting green friends

Jasmine is quite unpretentious and feels comfortable in any indoor environment, but sometimes it suffers from dangerous pests such as: aphid, whitefly and red spider mite, whose massive accumulation can be seen on the reverse side of the foliage.

In such cases, all parts of the plant are wiped with a warm soap solution made from household soap. In addition, special drugs are purchased in stores, which are diluted according to the instructions and the injured bush is sprayed with the resulting composition. After this procedure, carefully wash the pot and window sill where the flower stood.

Jasmine bushes not only decorate the home, but also fill the rooms with a unique smell, charging a positive attitude for the whole day. And at the end of the working day, freshly picked petals of white flowers can be added to your favorite tea and enjoy the aroma of the East.

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