How to independently calculate maternity?

It is necessary to take into account that in 2013 a new calculation of maternity was adopted. If earlier, when calculating, earnings for 12 months were taken, then income for the last 2 years is now taken into account. It is necessary to add up the salary for the last 2 years, add all the bonuses, benefits and sick leave and divide the amount received by 730. The resulting average salary must be multiplied by the sick days and you will eventually get the amount of maternity wages.
Do not worry if the last two years you have worked for different employers. The average salary can be confirmed by a certificate in the form 2 NDFL. If you have been working in two places at the same time in recent years, then you need to issue a manual for each place of work.
Consider the simplest example of calculating maternity. For example, in the last 2 years you have received a salary in the amount of 630,000 rubles. This amount must be divided by 730, resulting in 863 rubles - the average daily earnings.Further, it is necessary to multiply 863 rubles by the number of sick days for pregnancy and childbirth.

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