How to install a sports steering wheel

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Put the sport steering wheel



Replacing the standard steering with a sports one not only changes the appearance of the passenger compartment and the driver’s seat, but also helps to hold the steering wheel more confidently. This is facilitated by the ergonomic steering, its upholstery with quality materials, the ability to choose a convenient diameter. And in order to install a sports steering wheel in most cases a special adapter (adapter) is required. For each model of car requires a specialized adapter.


For most cars, to put a sports steering wheel, you need a special adapter. It is recommended to purchase SPARCO standard special safety adapters. Such an adapter absorbs part of the energy upon impact, allowing it to partially reduce the chance of injury. The search for an adapter adapter for an unpopular model of a foreign-made car can take quite a long time.

Before starting all work, set the front wheels straight. This can be done by driving some distance at a low speed, holding the steering wheel. Remove the negative lead from the battery.


Before dismantling the old steering wheel, find the airbag control module if the car is equipped with them. You can set the location of this module according to the instructions for the car. On this module, locate and disconnect the multi-pin connector and insulate it. This operation will disable the deployment of airbags for the duration of the work.


Remove the old steering wheel. Twist the signal plate from the old wheel and screw it to the adapter. Conduct the wires inside the adapter. Make sure that when you turn the steering wheel, the contacts will touch each other. If this does not happen, the audio signal will not perform its functions.


Then install the steering shaft adapter, but tighten only after the steering wheel has been leveled. In other words, just “bait” it.


You can set the steering wheel on a straight free platform. To do this, go straight ahead for a while and then back off.At the same time, set the steering wheel straight, if necessary, remove the adapter and reinstall it with an offset. After this, fix the adapter permanently.


The sports steering wheel itself is fixed to the adapter with special screws, which must be included with the adapter or with a sports steering wheel. Connect the horn button.


Tips for installing a sports steering wheel



According to the law on road safety, it will be very difficult to pass inspection on a standard car with a sports steering wheel.


Consult with the seller on the choice of adapter (adapter). He must be guaranteed to approach the selected type of car.

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