How to instill confidence

Determine the reason you need it.confidencein itself. Analyze what can change in your life when your self-esteem increases. These reasons may be excellent incentives for changes in your character.
Improve yourself in the issues that you do: from household chores to problems at work. You will feel more confident in at least certain subjects that you have thoroughly studied.
Watch your appearance. You should not think that you are not looking well enough, since such doubts affect overall self-esteem. Determine what you don't like about yourself. For example, if you are not satisfied with your clothes, review your wardrobe. If you are unhappy with your fitness, go in for fitness. However, do not dwell on your flaws, everyone has flaws.
Change your behavior. Learn to first hold on confidently and soon you will feel how your innerconfidencein itself. Watch your posture, gait.Gestures must be open, corresponding to the subject of conversation. Speak correctly, without any hitch, during a conversation, look at the interlocutor.
Find a role model for you - a person from your environment who you think is sufficientconfidenceyou are in yourself. Take a closer look at him. Perhaps you can learn something for yourself.
Take action. Be active to realize your desires. Learn to properly assess the situation, your real possibilities and possible risks. In case of a negative result, try to figure out what caused the failure.
Be attentive to others. Try to support your friends when they find themselves in a difficult situation. Encouraging them, you increase self-esteem. Do not be too critical to yourself or to other people.

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