How to keep a personal diary?

How to keep a personal diary?Personal diary - a kind of communication with yourself, past and future. Psychologists say that keeping a diary has a positive effect on a person, because he does not hold experiences in himself, but shares them. Let even on a sheet of paper. People have written down their thoughts and experiences, dreams and hopes from time immemorial. Thus, today we can understand better than women and men lived 100, 200 and more centuries ago. Today learn how to keep a personal diary,Both teenagers and adults want it. We will help you deal with this issue.

By hand or blog?

To begin with it is necessary to understand how you will keep records. In a regular notebook or any blog. Modern technologies simplify our life and allow us to select an interesting design, font and blog design. In this case, you can upload photos, music that you listen to. The blog can be closed from prying eyes or open. But even if you decide not to put the lock on your notes, this does not mean that your loved ones will know about them.After all, the design of a personal diary can be done anonymously. This way you can get support or advice from your readers. The great advantage of blogs is that you don’t need to hide secret entries under a bed or in a safe.

However, many people continue to keep personal diaries in a regular notebook. After all, so all the records are really personal. Agree, no electronic book can be compared with paper.

Personal diary: registration

How to keep a personal diary?

The great advantage of keeping records without the help of electronics - you can create by any means at hand. Use markers, watercolor, gouache. Paste photos or newspaper clippings. You don't have to stick to a certain style. Today you have a romantic mood - draw pink flowers and write what you are dreaming about. You can carry a notebook with you or hide at home in a safe place. It is best to buy a notebook with a lock or find a secret niche in the room. In this case, the ideal option is a trusting relationship with your parents, relatives and your cohabitants. Then you can write in your personal diary even with them.

How to keep a personal diary?

In order to make a personal diary, you may need:

  • Multicolored felt. With it, you can make a cover. Buy small pieces of different colors. Come up with an original decoration - sew on the front side of the flowers, seals, angels and so on. You can use buttons or lace.

How to keep a personal diary?
How to keep a personal diary?

  • On the first page make a small envelope. There you can put photos, postcards or notes from friends.
  • You can not buy notebooks, and sew a diary yourself. To do this, you will need rings that you can buy in a scrapbooking store. And also a special cardboard and colored sheets.
How to keep a personal diary?

A few tips on what to write in the diary

  • Record your dreams. Perhaps they will help you understand yourself.
  • Do not turn the diaryin the list of their enemies. After all, people need to be forgiven. At the same time, it is possible to describe your indignation about someone's behavior with arguments.
  • Record positive emotions of love. In a few years, after reading them, you will remember how you were in love with your husband. Perhaps this is what will save your marriage from divorce.

Your personal diary is the best opportunity to get to know yourself, write yourself a letter to the future and get news from yourself from the past.

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