How to last a day without sleep

Keep your senses active

Stimulating all the senses is the easiest way to keep awake during the night. Try to use your eyes, nose, ears, etc. as much as possible. The more parts of your body will remain active, the less likely you are to fall asleep.
If you are indoors, turn on the light, it should be as much as possible. Listen to music that will not let you fall asleep if you have the chance. To stimulate the taste buds, use chewing gum. Stimulate tactile sensations. The goal is to raise the sensitivity to a higher than usual level. For example, squeeze and unclasp your palms, rub them together, wash your face with cold water more often, go outside to get some fresh air.

Keep your body active

To prevent your body from relaxing and falling asleep, exercise.In this case, there is no need to take large loads, even minor efforts can lead the body to a vigorous state.
If you live on the top floor of a multi-story building and decide to go outside, do not use the elevator, go down the stairs, and then climb back. This will increase your heart rate, which ultimately will increase the vigor of the whole body. Out on the street, arrange a short walk, for 10-15 minutes. Find yourself an occupation involving active physical labor.
Doing this exercise, in no case bring yourself to complete fatigue. This will complicate your wakefulness task.

Eat food

It is believed that eating at night badly affects the state of the body, in particular, does not allow him to completely relax. However, in this case, this is exactly what will help you resist sleep. Eat foods that are high in protein, such as cashews or almonds.
Cook the scrambled eggs and add as many greens as possible, such as celery or spinach. Do not use energy drinks. In the short term, they will bring you to life, but very soon you will feel tired and fall asleep. Drink more than normal water.
Do not eat foods rich in fats and do not drink alcohol, all this will lead your body to fatigue and sleep.

Keep mental activity

Keeping your body in constant motion will not succeed unless your mind is busy with anything. Keep thinking active, listen to something. For example, use any audio or video course to explore something interesting to you. Make a brief summary of what is heard or seen.
Language courses that require frequent repetition are most suitable. If possible, talk to someone on topics that interest you. More often alternate types of mental activity, switching from one task to another.

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