How to lay floor tiles

You will need
  • - tile;
  • - cement mortar or special glue;
  • - building level;
  • - tape measure;
  • - putty knife;
  • - pencil;
  • - cord;
  • - tile cutter;
  • - dividing crosses;
  • - sponge;
  • - "grout" for the tile.
Selecttile. Depending on the degree of impact resistance, it is divided into 4 classes. The least durable (first class), as a rule, is used for bathrooms, the most wear-resistant - for the steps and the porch.
Prepare the room. Remove the baseboards and sills, dismantle the old flooring. Carefully inspect the cement screed or concrete slab. Check the surface with a building level. If the floor surface has significant irregularities, or differences in its various areas exceed 2 cm, then before laying the floor tile it is necessary to make an alignment.
Mark the floor surface. To do this, make the necessary measurements and mark the middle of two adjacent walls of the room.Draw a straight line from each point to a parallel wall at an angle of 90 degrees.
Spread outtile, focusing on the line. Try to place the material in such a way that none of the tiles have to be cut off on all sides. If necessary, you can slightly shift the position of the tiles relative to the marking. Having determined the final placement option, make additional tags.
Select adhesive compound. Often enough for laying tiles used cement mortar or cement-adhesive mixture. However, it is better to use a special glue. The choice of glue depends on the class and size of the tile.
Start laying tiles should be from any of the corners of the room. Apply the adhesive to one square meter of surface with a spatula. Taketileand apply glue to its base. Carefully lay in the intended place and press lightly.
Lay by analogytileon the entire area treated with glue, focusing on the previously made markup. Go to the next section of the floor. CuttileYou can use a special cutter.
When laying floor tiles, you must constantly monitor the level of the floor.If necessary, you can apply a little more or less adhesive composition.
Laying some types of tiles requires adherence to a certain width of seams. To comply with this condition, it is recommended to use special dividing pins or crosses.
Allow the glue to dry completely for at least 24 hours. Gently clean all tile joints. Apply the grout with a spatula. Immediately remove excess compound using a damp sponge. Let the grout dry out.

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