How to learn eye makeup

Shadows that perfectly fit your color and shape of your eyes will make youreyesmuch more expressive. The main requirements for eye makeup: shades of shadows should match the color of your eyes and fit your chosen clothes (no matter what you are, in jeans or a chic evening dress).
The use of sparkles, pearlescent or shiny shadows is better to postpone for a nightclub or a scene.
Pearlescent and matte shadows emphasize the flabbiness of the eyelid skin. For flabby eyelids, it is better to use shade with a slight silk shine or with a small amount of nacre.
Apply the shadows with the applicator, and then blend them with a brush.
To make eye makeup more resistant, you need to use a base for the shadows and a slightly wet applicator.
There are two ways to emphasize or, if necessary, adjust the natural incision of the eye: shading and lightening. To lighten the use of basic shadows, such as creamy, white, light beige, cream, champagne, mother of pearl, pale lilac, light gray, green, pastel pink and other light shades.And to darken, use dark shades of shadows: dark brown, black, gray-brown, dark green, blue-black and others. When applying shadows, remember that light shades visually zoom in and out, and dark shades reduce.
Correct shadowing: Align the eyelid with a primer and lightly powder it.
Apply a base tone to the entire eyelid, start from the inside corner.eyesand move towards the outer eyelid.
To the outer cornereyesapply a dark shade of the shadows, now gently shade so that it gradually turns into the base tone.
Apply additional tones and blend.

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